Logitech Prime Day deals are live – discounts on G Pro, G915 TKL and more

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Logitech is arguably unbeaten when it comes to gaming peripherals, with their mice specifically being venerated by esports pro athletes for CS:GO, Valorant, and myriad other competitive games, and the Logitech Prime Day deals have made them more accessible right now.

However, all this performance has always comes at a price, which is expected as gaming peripherals have always been subject to a price premium.

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Luckily for you, dear reader, the Logitech Prime Days deals are in full force, and there are big discounts on a lot of their stuff that you can get right now, including the G Pro mouse, G553 wireless headset, and the G915 TKL.

Let’s have a look at what you’re getting with these deals

25% off the Logitech G Pro Wireless Prime Day deal

Despite the recent release of the Logitech G Pro X wireless, the original Logitech G Pro remains a formidable performance FPS gaming mouse. With the legendary HERO 25k sensor, a sub-80G weight, and a battery life of up to 48 hours, it covers all the bases.

Additionally, if you’re committed to the Logitech ecosystem of products, you can pair the G Pro Wireless with the Powerplay mouse pad. This wireless charges the mouse, giving you functionally limitless battery life.

This mouse typically retails for up to $150, so the 25% discount bringing it down to less than $100 is an absolute steal for one of the all-time gaming mouse greats.

13% off the Logitech G915 TKL wireless Prime Day deal

Here we see another generous discount on one of the most performance-focusses gaming keyboards out there.

The Logitech Prime day deals have cut a tasty 13% off the price of the G915, which is generally considered to be a perfect mix of raw gaming performance and day-to-day productivity.

We love the tenkeyless for factor here at WePC. You keep all the essentials but lose the aging relic of the past known as a ‘Numpad’.

You also get your choice of tactile, linear, or clicky switches. These are all Logitech’s G Romer low-profile switches too, which have been a preferred switch for rapid actuation for a while now.

33% off the Logitech G533 wireless headset Prime day deal

Logitech might not be as well-known for their headsets as they are for keyboards or mice, but they make some of the best gaming headsets out there.

One such example is also part of the Logitech Prime Day deals, the G533 Wireless gaming headset, and it’s got some pretty cool features we don’t see nearly often enough when it comes to gaming headsets.

Our personal favorite is the hybrid flip-to-mute/flexible mic. Typically you get one or the other, which is a shame as flip-to-mute mics are our preference here at WePC, but they can lack adjustability.

This issue becomes a thing of the past with the G533 as the end of it is a traditional flexible mic, but the base is classic flip-to-mute. The best of both worlds, as they say.

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Logitech Best Buy Prime deals

It’s not all about Amazon Prime, though. We are also seeing some fantastic deals over at ole’ mate Best Buy, Let’s see what other great Logitech gaming peripheral deals are going on there too.

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