Lightbridge Adds Diff 0 Cine Reflector to their CRLS Lighting System – First Look

The new Lightbridge Diff 0 Cine Reflector joins the company’s Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS). It’s the panel with the lowest diffusion in the series and, according to the company, is a “real mirror replacement”. It is available in different sizes, ranging from 7×7 up to 100x100cm.

A few years ago, Austrian company Lightbridge brought a breath of fresh air to the market by introducing their CRLS (short for Cine Reflect Lighting System). This innovative lighting solution relies on a series of reflective panels that are used to diffuse hard light sources.

Until now, the company offered 4 different types of reflectors, numbered from 1 to 4, according to their level of diffusion. Now, they’re introducing a fifth member called Lightbridge Diff 0 Cine Reflector. Let’s take a closer look.

Lightbridge C-Move+ kit. Source: Lightbridge

Lightbridge Diff 0 Cine Reflector: features

Like all others Cine Reflectors, this new Diff 0 model is a square panel featuring a smooth, reflective aluminum coating. The naming system of the CRLS Cine Reflectors is easily explained: the higher the number, the higher the diffusion. Hence, the new Diff 0 replaces the Diff 1 as the least diffuse in the series. Here’s the complete lineup:

  • Diff 0 – Mirror
  • Diff 1 – Punch Black
  • Diff 2 – Blue Sky
  • Diff 3 – Ambient Violet
  • Diff 4 – Super White

One of the biggest selling points of the CRLS lighting system is their spill-free design that heavily reduces the amount of flags, C-stands, and hardware grip required to achieve a specific quality of light. According to the company, the new Diff 0 reflector is even lighter than the other 4 models and its mirror surface offers greater reflectivity with minimal light loss.

Lightbridge C-Drive+ kit. Source: Lightbridge

Lightbridge C-Drive+ and C-Move+ kits

The company also offers two complete bundles that already include the new Diff 0-type reflectors: the C-Drive+ and C-Move+ kits. Both options come with all types of Cine Reflectors (from Diff 0 to Diff 4) in 7x7cm, 15x15cm, 25x25cm, and 50x50cm sizes.

Moreover, in the kit you will find 3 bags of mounting hardware, each of which contains a C-Wheel spigot, a C-Wheel receiver, a safety wedge kit, and two safeties. These items will allow you to mount up to six reflectors simultaneously.

Finally, the main difference between the C-Drive+ and the C-Move+ kits is their carrying method. Indeed, the former comes with a flightcase with wheels, while the latter includes a rugged shoulder bag.

Lightbridge C-Drive+ kit. Source: Lightbridge

Price and availability

The new Lightbridge Diff 0 Cine Reflector can be purchased as a single item. Its price varies depending on the choosen size. The 25x25cm and 50x50cm versions are currently listed on B&H at $235 and $380 respectively and include a protective sleeve. The C-Drive+ and C-Move+ kits also appear on B&H for $5,995 and $6,395.

Have you ever used the Lightbridge Cine Reflect Lighting System? Do you think the new Diff 0 reflector is a nice addition to the family? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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