LG’s new 4K short-throw projector goes big and goes in your home

When it comes to your home cinema set-up, bigger more-or-less always means better. But giant tellies can quickly rack up a rather large bill, not to mention the impracticality. It puts many people off grabbing a large TV, and that’s no good for anybody. Enter projectors, a compact, more affordable way of popping a large screen inside your living room. And who better to deliver your projector than LG, one of the most reputable brands for picture quality.

The new 4K CineBeam HU915QE projector (doesn’t that just roll right off the tongue?) is LG’s 2022 flagship, not to be confused with the HU715Q eBeam launched earlier this year. It isn’t LG’s first projector, but it is the latest – packing in all the best tech. It can project a picture up to 120-inches, is short-throw, and gets really bright. Pretty nifty, right?

My precious… picture: What can LG’s new CineBeam projector do?

LG’s new 4K CineBeam projector can deliver a massive picture, up to 120-inches. That’s big enough to cover, if not fill, the available wall space in your living room. But where does the projector have to be to deliver such a picture? Ceiling-mounted and exactly 87cm away, right? Wrong. Since the HU915QE is a short-throw projector, it can project this picture from just 7-inches away. The Keystone Correction feature will avoid any depth effects, too. Pretty impressive.

But since this projector will be so close to the picture, looking good is important too. The HU915QE is 68cm wide, and 12.8cm tall, about as big as a two-wide, two-high Sky Q box tower, if that helps at all. Made from 45% recycled wood and Kvadrat wool, the projector will look great in any setting. Connectivity-wise, it has 3 HDMI ports with eARC, and 2 USB ports.

Thanks to some clever new tech inside and being so close to the wall, LG’s new 4K CineBeam offers up to 3,700 lumens of brightness. This isn’t quite up to scratch will more recent TVs, but it should be ok in a regularly lit room during the day. If you’ve got lots of windows, it might begin to struggle a little. But that’s what blinds are for, right? At night, the picture will plenty bright, and without scorching out your retinas.

LG promises the new 4K CineBeam will deliver a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. That’s on par, if not higher than, some OLEDs on the market. Whether or not the projector will meet this promise remains to be seen, but we’ll be mightily impressed if it does. The projector also supports HDR, but not Dolby Vision or HDR10+. Still, it should be enough for most folks to notice brighter compatible content.

Now we get to the really clever stuff. The HU915QE will automatically adjust brightness based on the light in your surroundings. With HDR dynamic tone mapping, it’ll adjust brightness as you’re watching content, and adaptive contrast works to adjust the contrast for each scene. To access content, you’ll use LG’s webOS, the same operating system on its tellies. It gives you access to apps, streaming, the web, and all the other smart TV features you’d expect.

When can you get your hands on one?

If LG’s latest projector is shining its way into your living room, you’ll have a little while to wait. Expect the new 4K CineBeam to release in the first half of 2022. The good news is that means before the end of June. The bad news is that there’s no exact date as of yet. LG also hasn’t revealed the price of its latest projector. One retailer has it listed for pre-order at $6000, but that price is currently unconfirmed.

Stuff says… If you’re looking for a more premium projector for your home cinema, LG’s new 4K CineBeam looks like a great option. With almost 4000 lumens of brightness, a picture size up to 120-inches, and an extremely high contrast ratio, you’re bound to be impressed with the latest gadget. With the short-throw range of merely 7-inches, it’s super convenient, too. This projector isn’t going to be one to take around with you, so more portable options might be better suited if that’s what you’re after.

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