LG C2 OLED TV Review (2022)

With specifications out the way, let’s take a closer look at the build quality, design, and mechanical features this TV comes equipped with. As this is the LG OLED 48C24LA (48-inch variant) it will differ in design compared to the other sizes in the range.


As far as aesthetics go, the LG C2 looks absolutely fantastic. It follows in the footsteps of the original 2021 LG C1, offering up premium materials and a luxurious feel throughout.

Like most OLED TVs, the C2 features an incredibly thin profile that adds to the high-end feel. Alongside this, users can expect thin bezels, a brushed aluminum stand, and subtle LG branding.

LG C2 Front

Moving to the rear of the C2, there isn’t much to report. The base of the stand does protrude out the back a bit, but nothing too substantial that it is worth true consideration. The main body of the TV has a brushed aluminum finish but is in fact hardened plastic. A carbon-fibre-esq design has been used for the rear of the glass portion of the panel, adding an interesting dynamic to the rear of the panel.

LG C2 28

Of course, all inputs can be found at the rear of the TV, with most of the main inputs located on the left hand side (as you look at the TV face on).

Overall, while the LG C2 utilizes a fairly basic design, it still provides a premium feel that is going to suit almost any living room setting.

Build Quality

As you can imagine with a product of this price range, build quality has to be of the highest quality. Luckily, that’s exactly what you get with the LG C2.

Premium materials have been used throughout, with the stand feature a metal interior that adds stability and stylish aesthetics. The panel itself is glass which, despite being quite reflective, does add an element of reinforcement to the face of the TV.

The rear of the TV uses a hardened plastic that offers very little in the way of flex or bending. Furthermore, all fittings and fixtures are well-finished with no gaps across the board. All inputs also feel very well finished, with no wiggle or play throughout.

LG C2 35

LG says that new build materials have been used for the construction on this TV, giving it a lighter feel which is better for general construction and mounting. We compared this to the old C1 and while there were some weight differences, they were incredibly subtle.

That said, don’t take anything away from the C2’s build quality – it really is excellent.

Panel Coating

Unlike gaming monitors – that opt for an anti-glare matte panel coating – LG has opted for a glossy glass panel in the C2. While this isn’t fantastic for daytime viewing (lots of reflections when viewing from angles), it looks absolutely stunning in dark room conditions. The glass panel doesn’t degrade the image quality in the slightest, instead producing a pure visual experience that is hard to beat – especially when used in tandem with a stunning OLED panel.

Of course, like most glossy panels, the LG C2 does struggle with fingerprints. A solid cleaning solution and microfiber cloth should see to those pretty efficiently though.

LG C2 6


The bezels on the C2 are incredibly slender for a TV of this size – with top and side bezels measuring in at 9mm (1mm less than the 2021 C1) by 14mm at the base. Bezels of this size help to create high levels of immersion when consuming content or playing games on this panel. Better yet, it helps to add to a premium feel to the visual experience it provides.

LG C2 9


The stand is fairly basic in both design and ergonomic functionality. It features no height, tilt, pivot, or swivel functionality – as you’d expect. If you are looking for adjustability in this TV, it does feature VESA mounting holes at the rear. Of course, a relatively sturdy stand is required for this TV.

LG C2 15


As you’d imagine, all inputs for the LG C2 can be found at the rear of the TV. Alongside USB inputs, the C2 comes with a generous 4 x HDMI 2.1 (with full 48Gbps bandwidth) ports – great for console gaming at 4K @ 120Hz.

For a more in-depth look at the inputs, see below:

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