“Just Add Legs” DIY Bed Frame (All Mattress Sizes)

For about the price of a box spring or metal bed frame, you could DIY this –

diy bed frame

It’s easy to do and looks so much better than a metal bed frame or a mattress on the floor.  Just build the frame, add the legs, and you, my friend, are done!  

Beginner Friendly

You won’t need a ton of tools or woodworking experience.  This is a beginner friendly project that almost anyone can tackle.  No pocket holes, no miters required.

Where Do I Find the Furniture Legs?  How Much Do They Cost?

This bed works with furniture legs between 4″ and 7″ tall.  The legs shown in this photo are 7″ tall.  I ordered from Amazon for about $20.  You can also use hairpin legs, wooden legs or other styles of metal legs. I do recommend a leg that is attached at the corner, like these, instead of just a leg with a single socket attachment point.

Is There a Build Video I Can Watch?

I’m sorry I did not do a video for this bed frame, but it is very similar to this bed, and here’s that video:

DIY Bed Frame Plans

The plans for this bed frame follow.  Thank you for using my plans, I hope this project goes well for you.  If you have a chance, please send us a photo, we love seeing how your projects turn out!

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