Joel Robison has a spider living inside the Sony A7rIII….no joke!


Joel Robison found a spider nesting inside the Sony A7rIII EVF. The full story has been posted over at PetaPixel:

For now, Robison is just living with his new spider friend and waiting to see if it will find itself a new home soon — he is planning to send the camera in for “repair” if the spider ends up dying inside. And yes, Robison is still using the camera in the meantime.

“I’ve used [the camera] a few times over the last week,” he says. “It’s been a fairly entertaining predicament to be in.

“I’m not afraid of spiders (though it is a bit unsettling to put my eye directly up to it) and most of the replies I’ve had have ranged from complete panic to suggesting I light the camera on fire, throw it off a cliff, or a combination of the two.”

“Personally I’m waiting for a certain Superhero franchise to write a letter and welcome me into the multi-verse.”


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