Ishitani Furniture Pierces My Hardened Heart

This is so embarrassingly jaded, but it’s hard to find romance in the shop anymore. It used to be so effective too, especially when I couldn’t get into there myself. For a jolt of woodworking from my old cubicle, I’d peruse Eric Sloane’s impossible expressive line drawings; read Brian Holcombe’s blog, where he wears cufflinks while making complex furniture by hand; or relish Lumberjock user mafe’s endless enthusiasm amid his tiny, cluttered space.

Not now, though. Not when woodworking inspiration is my job. Not when every idea I see is chased by “Is an article here?” To be sure, I’m not complaining, but noting how my perspective has changed. Trust me: Things could be worse than not gushing over a naturally lit plane shaving.

There’s still one reliable exception: Ishitani Furniture. It’s funny too, because his shop isn’t exactly romantic. It’s essentially an OSB-clad room full of huge tools—but what tools! Their industrial size, their faded Hitachi green: Who knew dreams were made of these? The editing is super too. Rather informal, it gives me the sense I’m hanging out or spying, but either way I’m there.

What keeps me coming back, however, are his videos’ sounds. Maybe Ben could verify this, but I swear Ishitani’s mic transmits right to my heart. I don’t care if he’s tapping a chisel or sliding a plywood bottom into place, it all sounds glorious.

Sure, this post is an entry for Made You Look, but keep your ears open too.

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