Is Hypercharge: Unboxed on PS5 and PS4?

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Hypercharge: Unboxed is seeing a fresh wave of interest from console gamers, as Steam player numbers also started to climb.

The game, which sees you battle it out as your favourite childhood toys, launched in April for PC and Nintendo Switch owners.

The good news is it’s likely to make it’s way to Xbox owners in the future – following a tweet encouraging players to sign up using this form.

When it comes to Hypercharge coming to PS5 and PS4, there’s no word yet – but developer Digital Cybercherries will likely be tempted to bring the game to Sony’s platform after the incredible response on Twitter.

Amazingly, UK developer Digital Cybercherries is made up of just five people, whose first game was a VR release called New Retro Arcade: Neon in 2016. The team is made of just five employees.

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed on console?

As we mentioned earlier, the only console Hypercharge is on right now is the Nintendo Switch.

However, there are strong signs coming from the developer, including a dedicated sign up page for interested Xbox players, that Microsoft’s console will soon have a version of the game.

While there is no news yet on a PS offering, it’s likely only to be a matter of time before PS owners will have a chance to play the game. We hope that’s the case, anyway.

What is Hypercharge: Unboxed?

Think Toy Story with guns… lots of guns!

The aim of the game is simple – you fight waves and waves of weaponsied toys that get tougher and tougher.

It’s designed to be pick up and play, with the developer stating: ‘Hypercharge is easy to jump in and out of, allowing you to progress at your own pace.’

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed multiplayer?

Yes, according to the official website, the game supports single player and 1-4 online and local co-op.

There is also split screen support, and for those playing on PC, full controller support.

Should the game come to Xbox and PS platforms, we’d expect to see similar split screen and multiplayer support.

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed worth it?

Hypercharge came out in April, so Switch and PC players have already had a decent amount of time with the game.

The general consensus is that it’s actually pretty good – with Nintendo Life’s review of the Switch version praising its visuals and stating ‘it’s an absolute blast with friends’. 

Elsewhere on Steam, Hypercharge has a ‘very positive’ rating made up of more than 1,000 reviews. There’s even a Hypercharge demo, which you can download here if you want to give the game a test drive before buying if on Steam.

Nintendo players also have access to a Hypercharge Switch demo, which can be found on the Switch eShop.

Hypercharge: Unboxed price

Right now on Steam, you can get 15% off Hypercharge, which takes the game down to £13.16.

On the Nintendo eShop, the Hypercharge Switch price is £19.99 – making it a tad more expensive.

For both the rumoured Xbox and PS versions, we’d expect to see it come in around the same £20 mark, so wouldn’t break the bank.

At the time of writing, we don’t know if a demo version will be offered, as we have seen with the Steam version of the game.

Is there Hypercharge: Unboxed crossplay?

Right now, according to the official Hypercharge website there is no crossplay support.

However, that is likely to change soon, with the blog post stating, ‘it’s something we may implement in the future’.

How many people are playing Hypercharge: Unboxed?

At the time of writing, the all-time peak for Hypercharge: Unboxed on Steam was just under 1,000 at 921.

At the time of writing, more than 200 players are currently playing the game on Steam.

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