How to watch For All Mankind Season 1 for free as Season 3 blasts off on Apple TV Plus

How to watch For All Mankind Season 1 for free. With season three of the subversive space-race series now streaming, you can catch up by watching For All Mankind Season 1 for free.

We’re big fans of the Apple TV Plus original series For All Mankind, here. The critically-acclaimed show imagines how Russia beating the United States to the moon would change the space race and American society as a whole.

It’s fascinating viewing for those interested in how a singular ‘what if?’ moment can set history on a different trajectory. For All Mankind is packed with endearing characters, brave astronauts, and super sneaky cosmonauts.

Overall, it’s a funny, heartwarming, tragic and at times tear-jerking series, fuelled by some endearing 1960s and 1970s nostalgia, with a banging soundtrack to-boot.

Apple is making Season 1 for free to get you on board with the show now the third season has started to arrive on its subscription service. Here’s how to watch For All Mankind Season 1, in its entirety, for free on the best TVbest smartphone or best laptop you have in the house.

Where can you watch For All Mankind Season 1

Apple TV Plus is the only place you can watch the For All Mankind series’. The service is available via the Apple TV app, which can be downloaded for most of the major smart TV and streaming players, as well as across Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV hardware. It’s also available on the Google Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app for the platform of your choice, you’ll be able to access all ten episodes of season one without signing up for an Apple TV Plus subscription (which costs £4.99/$4.99 a month). However, if you want to go farther and watch For All Mankind Season 2 and the brand new Season 3, you will need to sign up.

For All Mankind S3 episode release dates

You can currently watch For All Mankind Season 1 and Season 2, which each have ten episodes per series, right now on Apple TV Plus. However, for Season 3, Apple is dropping one episode per week.

See below for the full timeline of episodes for the third season of For All Mankind

  • Episode 1: Friday June 10
  • Episode 2: Friday June 17
  • Episode 3: Friday June 24
  • Episode 4: Friday July 1
  • Episode 5: Friday July 8
  • Episode 6: Friday July 15
  • Episode 7: Friday July 22
  • Episode 8: Friday July 29
  • Episode 9: Friday August 5
  • Episode 10: Friday August 12

For All Mankind plot and season 3 trailer

Without spoiling too much, we have to explain the premise for the show: Imagine the world if the Russian cosmonauts made it to the surface of the moon before NASA’s trio of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. The ramifications, as For All Mankind imagines them, are almost total.

While season 1 dealt with the initial aftershock and the manner in which the Americans and Russians responded throughout the 1960s, Season 2 saw the social implications in to the 1970s and efforts for the US and Russia to work together. Season 3 takes us into the 1980s and the race to Mars.

Here’s the trailer for Season 3.

Can you watch For All Mankind in 4K HDR?

If you have the right AV set up, you can watch all three seasons of For All Mankind in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound supported.

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