How to use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

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Using a Blast Furnace in Minecraft can be very tricky if you do not understand its mechanics. The block-based forge lets you smelt different types of low-tier items and turns them into something valuable. Its core functionality is to smelt ore and items that are made from iron, chainmail, or gold.

How to Craft A Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Crafting a Blast Furnace in Minecraft is very easy. You simply need to get some ingredients that are not too hard to get hold of. You need access to one furnace, three smooth stones, and five iron ingots.

If you do not have the standard furnace, you can make one with eight pieces of cobblestone, which is very easy to farm. Just dig around and you should get a bunch of cobblestone in no time. To get access to smooth stone, you need to cook cobblestone twice. The first time you cook cobblestones they will turn into normal stones. Cook them again and you will turn them into smooth stones.

Getting iron ingots is the most difficult part of the process. It requires a bit of luck and you will need to scour your world’s terrain in hopes of finding some iron ore. We recommend looking in shallow caves and it can require extensive mining in some cases to get your hands on the iron ore. Once you get some iron ore, you can smelt them to turn them into iron ingots. If you get lucky with some treasure chests you can make an iron ingot by combining nine iron nuggets but you should go for this method only if you are extremely unlucky at finding ore.

Minecraft’s blast furnaces work the same way as regular furnaces. But you can add fuel at the bottom left section and it will allow you to smelt items. The difference between normal furnaces and blast furnaces is that the latter smelts twice as fast but you have to bear with double the fuel consumption. If you want to spend less time smelting things, getting a blast furnace is worth it.

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