How to turn on cheats in Minecraft Java Edition

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In Minecraft Java Edition, you can use commands – or cheats – in order to make changes to your world. Use commands to change the clear up the weather, or bring on a thunderstorm. Use commands to teleport yourself hundreds of thousands of blocks away in a second. Even use commands to kill the Ender Dragon in a second. Of course, having commands turned on changes the general survival feel of Minecraft, and you won’t earn achievements in your world once you’ve turned cheats on, but if you’re not worried about that, they sure can come in handy. So, here’s how to turn cheats on in Minecraft Java Edition.

How to turn on cheats in Minecraft

In order to use commands to locate biomes in Minecraft Java Edition, you’ll need to turn on the ability to do so.

For a new Minecraft world

Open up your Minecraft Launcher, and start Minecraft Java Edition, where you’ll click Single player, and Create New World.

Create New World in Minecraft single player

From here, you’ll be able to enter which ever details you want for you new world, including what to call it, and which seed you want to use – if you want a specific seed. However, for this guide, we’re just looking at the option to turn Cheats ON. Click the Cheats button under the the Game Mode option, as it will be automatically set to OFF.

Create New World Minecraft Java Edition

You’re ready to launch your new world, and start using commands.

Create New World Minecraft Java Edition cheats

In an existing Minecraft world

To start with, from your existing Minecraft world, open the save menu by pressing Esc.

Game Menu Minecraft 1.19 Cheats

Click the Open to LAN button.

Game Menu Minecraft 1.19 Cheats 1

Turn Cheats from OFF to ON, and head back into your Minecraft world by clicking Start LAN World.

Opeen to LAN Minecraft cheats on

Do note that you will no longer earn achievements for this world, even if you turn Cheats back off again.

How to use commands in Minecraft

If you want to know how to use commands in Minecraft, we’ve a few guides for some of their best uses. Try how to locate structures in Minecraft to find out how to get the coordinates for your nearest Nether Fortress or Ocean Monument, or how to find specific Minecraft biomes to teleport straight to a Mangrove Swamp or Mesa.

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