How to remove bots in CSGO

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While bots are useful in CSGO knowing having the knowledge of when to remove them is crucial.

In-game screenshot of terrorists in Counter Strike
Source: Steam, 2022

Many want to play alone and focus on fundamentals so read on to further find out how to remove bots in CSGO.

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This could be to practice your aim, crosshair placement, or lineups and other tricks to help support your ability before queuing up.

Removing bots in CSGO: The commands.

Source: Scoby Tech, 2019

By accessing the console in Counter Strike: Global Offensive there are several commands available to change the amount of bots that are in your game.

To remove bots the following commands work on the console:

  • bot_kick
  • bot_kick ct
  • bot_kick t

To add bots the following commands work on the console

To further balance teams, these commands will work:

Here is how you can use these commands.

  • Press the “~” (tilde) key on your keyboard to open the console. Be sure to check to settings and that console is accessible, if not there is no chance to alter bot numbers.

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