How to Make and Use End Crystals in Minecraft

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End Crystals were included in Minecraft’s 1.18 update as part of the End Realm. End Crystals energize the Ender Dragon and play a vital role in defeating it. They’re also a powerful weapon since End Crystals can cause a large explosion. You can now craft your own End Crystals either to use as a weapon or as to respawn the Ender Dragon in another area to defeat it. 

How to Make End Crystals in Minecraft

End Crystals can be found on End Island, where they respawn at the top of the obsidian tower. These End Crystals can only be destroyed, but they cannot be broken down and picked up. However, you can make your own End Crystals if you have the crafting recipe and ingredients. 

Here’s how to craft End Crystals: 

  1. These are the crafting ingredients. 
    1. 1 Eye of Ender (made from Ender pearls and Blaze rods)
    2. 1 Ghast tear (from killing a Ghast)
    3. 7 Glass Blocks
  1. Open up the crafting table and place the ingredients in the right position on the 3×3 space. Start by placing the Eye of Ender in the middle position (middle row and middle column). Now place the Ghast Tear in the middle block of the third row. Place the remaining 7 glass blocks in the other empty spaces. 
  2. You have now crafted 1 End Crystal and can add it to your inventory. 

How to Use End Crystals

End Crystals can only be placed on bedrock or obsidian blocks, and players have to be very careful when handling them since they are explosive.

1. Kill mobs and other players

You can use an end crystal to attack other players, similar to a TnT explosive. For this, you’ll have to have both obsidian and the end crystal on your Hotbar. End Crystals can even kill Wither.

2. Revealing ancient debris

End Crystals can be thrown into the Nether world to reveal precious Ancient Debris

3. Respawning Ender Dragon

Defeating the boss Ender Dragon can also be done with the End Crystals. By placing two End Crystals on the exit portal, the Ender Dragon is respawned and can then be killed. 

End Crystals are a useful resource from the End Realm in Minecraft’s latest update, adding a whole new aspect to the Survival mode game.

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