How to make a post in bold text on Facebook

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Want to really drill home your point in your next Facebook post? Here is the easiest way to write a post in bold text on Facebook.

Have you ever wondered if your Facebook posts are getting people’s attention as much as you want? As it turns out, there is a way to make your Facebook posts bold, which is an ideal way to get your comments and posts to stand out amongst the crowd.

If you want to know the easiest way to make your Facebook posts bold, make sure you keep reading.

What we used

The Short Version

  • Open Bold Text Generator
  • Type your text
  • Click Copy
  • Go into Facebook
  • Click on What’s on your mind
  • Copy your text into the box
  • Click Post
  1. Step

    Open Bold Text Generator

    Go to the Bold Text Generator website by clicking on the link prior. This will not work if you go into an application like Google Docs and make your text bold, it needs to be done on a website like Bold Text Generator.Go to the bold text gen website to get the text

  2. Step

    Type your text

    Type what your post will be into the box on the left-hand side of the screen called Input.Enter your text to contiune the process

  3. Step

    Click Copy

    In the box that says Output, click on the word that says Copy to copy the bold version of your text so you can use it in Facebook. Click the copy button to copy the text

  4. Step

    Go into Facebook

    Log into Facebook.Go into your Facebook profile to continue the process

  5. Step

    Click on What’s on your mind

    Click on the box that says What’s on your mind to start creating your post.Click on the post box to post your bold text

  6. Step

    Copy your text into the box

    Once you are in the post box, copy your bold text in. This can be done quickly by clicking the Ctrl and V buttons at the same time. How to make text bold on Facebook

  7. Step

    Click Post

    Once your bold text has been copied into the box, click Post to see your new post on your wall. The new text post in bold on your wal


Can I make the text bold in another application?

You will need to use an application like Bold Text Generator for this to work. If you were to type your post into an application like Google Docs or Microsoft Word and copy it in, it would not work. So, make sure you use Bold Text Generator to get some bold text.

Can you make comments in bold on Facebook?

Yes, using the same method that we listed above you can make comments on your own posts, and other people’s posts, in bold.

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