How to Grow Dark Oak Trees in Minecraft

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While Dark Oak doesn’t have any special properties, it’s much rarer than the regular wood found everywhere, making it a prized commodity among Minecraft players. Many players prefer this look for building and especially for making furniture.

Apart from the visual appeal, Dark Oak trees are easy to farm and a great option for fuel when you’re in a pinch. 

How to Find Dark Oak Saplings in Minecraft

In order to grow Dark Oak trees, you’ll need to get Saplings first. Here’s how to find them. 

  1. Travel to a Dark Forest. You’re most likely to find a Dark Oak here, often surrounded by red and brown mushrooms in a dimly lit area. Here, chop the leaves using any tool. 
  2. Make sure you’re chopping the acacia leaves and not the bark since the latter will give you wood instead of saplings. 
  3. A Dark Oak sapling should drop from the tree and you should be able to pick it up and add it to your inventory. 
  4. Collect a minimum of four saplings in order to grow a Dark Oak tree. 

How to Grow a Dark Oak Tree in Minecraft

Before you try turning your saplings into a full-grown tree, make sure you have all the necessary prerequisites ready. A Dark oak tree needs to grow out of Dirt, Grass, Coarse Dirt, or Podzol block, near a light source, and needs a minimum unobstructed space of 3×3 blocks

Place four saplings into a 2×2 crafting grid. Dark Oak trees do not grow on their own if you plant a sapling individually, so you need to place four saplings for a better chance of them growing into a tree. 

Once you’ve planted the saplings correctly, you should see the tree grow in a few seconds. Make sure there is nothing obstructing them vertically so that they can reach their full height. 

Dark Oak trees grow much faster than regular trees, and you can also choose to add them to your inventory once they’re fully grown. If you’re planning to make an orchard, you can harvest more saplings from your tree and continue growing them following the same steps.

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