How to Get the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

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The Heart of the Sea is a rare collectible in Minecraft and can be found in an underwater treasure chest. As it cannot be crafted or mined, players have one shot at acquiring this non-renewable item. The Heart of the Sea is found by following a treasure map and can be used later on to craft a conduit. 

How to Obtain the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

The only way to obtain the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft is by following a Treasure Map that leads you to a Treasure Chest. The Heart of the Sea collectible is guaranteed to be inside the Treasure Chest, which is the easier part of the task for players. The tricky part is finding the Treasure Map. 

Regular maps in Minecraft help you get back home, but a Treasure Map has an ‘X’ marked on it for the location of the Treasure Chest. Players can find Treasure Maps buried in underwater shipwrecks, most commonly found in water biomes. Using a Respiration enchantment to extend your underwater breathing time can make the searching much easier. On occasion, shipwrecks spawn on beach shores as well. 

For a quicker method, players can feed raw salmon or raw cod to dolphins, who proceed to swim toward shipwrecks and underwater ruins. Once you reach the ruin, look for a Treasure Map.

The map will indicate the location of the chest marked with a red X, and players have to travel to this location and begin digging in the general area. The treasure chest will be buried underground, and inside you will find the Heart of the Sea along with other valuable collectibles and armor.

How to Use the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Players can craft the Heart of the Sea with eight nautilus shells to create an underwater Conduit. The Heart of the Sea must be placed in the center slot (middle row, middle column) with the nautilus shells in the remaining slots. 

This Conduit keeps away underwater mobs, gives night vision, and improves underwater mining speeds. It can also restore oxygen to varying levels to players and is definitely a helpful addition for players building underwater biomes.

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