How to Get Blue Ice in Minecraft

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Blue Ice was introduced in the 1.13 Minecraft update and is a valuable resource for building and traveling in the game. Unlike regular ice, Blue Ice doesn’t melt when under exposure to any light source and becomes basalt when in contact with flowing lava. Building a boat with Blue Ice is also a great way to get across water faster. 

How to Mine Blue Ice in Minecraft

Mining Blue Ice seems pretty straightforward, but there’s a catch. While Blue Ice is commonly available in icy biomes, it needs a special tool to mine it.

Start by locating Blue Ice in an icy biome – they are generally found closest to glaciers or in the center of a glacier. In order to mine, you can use any tool, even a regular iron pickaxe, as long as it is enchanted with Silk Touch. If you try mining it with a regular tool, the Blue Ice block will shatter. 

How to Craft Blue Ice in Minecraft

If you don’t have a weapon enchanted with Silk Touch, here’s another way to get Blue Ice in Minecraft. 

First, you’ll have to mine nine Packed Ice blocks. Now place all nine ice blocks on the crafting table with three in each row. This crafting recipe will give you one Blue Ice block. So for every block of Blue Ice, you’ll need nine packed ice blocks. 

How to Use Blue Ice in Minecraft

Here are the multiple uses for Blue Ice in Minecraft

  1. Traveling: You can build a boat using blue ice and travel fast on the water. You can also build a road using Blue Ice which is much faster than Packed Ice. Traveling this method is much faster than a horse. 
  2. Basalt: You can create Basalt when flowing Lava comes in contact with Blue Ice. 
  3. Redstone Projects: Packed Ice can’t be used in projects where there’s a lot of light to keep mobs away, but Blue Ice doesn’t melt in light sources. 
  4. Snowy Biomes: A great building block for snowy biomes!

The Blue Ice block makes traveling through the Nether easily and is as valuable a resource as it looks.

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