How Old is Amber in Genshin Impact?

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While Genshin Impact has a rich and vast cast of characters, very few of them – if any – have their ages outright confirmed. Many characters are implied to be over so-and-so many years old, whereas others don’t get so much as a peep about their ages. Amber, the first character players meet and get to recruit, is one such player whose age is a bit of a mystery. However, there are some potential clues in the Genshin Impact online manga as well as in-game, that players have used to roughly work out Amber’s age.

How old is Amber?

Reddit user Beneficial_Fennel_10 made a post to the Genshin Impact subreddit, in which they present their findings regarding Amber’s and Diluc’s ages. From looking at information given in in-game messages, as well as the online manga, they suggest that Diluc is 21 during the events of the manga, and that Amber is 17. And, seeing as how the manga takes place roughly one year prior to the game’s events, Diluc is likely 22, and Amber is now about 18 years old. It’s also implied in Amber’s Character Story 5 that Amber is an adult, as it says, in reference to her, “Now that she’s all grown up.”

So, at the very least, it seems that Amber is 18 years old. Considering her chirpy and up-beat personality, the idea that Amber is on the younger side of adulthood seems plausible enough. Diluc, however, seems much older than his years, which is likely the result of his traumatic past.

Of course, this is purely speculation, but even the smallest crumbs of theory can sustain the hard-core Genshin Impact fans, who simply want to know everything about their favourite characters. Knowing the age of one’s favourite character can be another way to connect with them and relate to them.

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