Graphics cards are just now below MSRP on average

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In another 3D Center price report we keep seeing the great trend of graphics card pricing falling. 3D Center collates GPU prices from Germany and Austria since January 2021 to show the trend of what they are.

And now a year and a half on with GPUs being expensive they are on average below MSRP. Which is a continuation of the trend we see month on month. Last month’s report showed AMDs cards to be the first to breach the line.

The report is a great way to see when the best time to buy a graphics card is. As the graph shows all the factors that can affect the price of the cards.

With a hood indicator, the Ethereum profitability is in yellow as miners begin to sell off parts to recoup their losses. And the availability of the cards increases with the dashed line.

3D Center GPU price report 11 07 2022

Are all graphics cards below MSRP?

Simply put no. Although the report uses Euro it suffers from bad exchange rates. The trend still shows that the more popular options are still more expensive and above the recommended price.

So although you can find the majority below recommended the overall pricing is still quite disappointing. As with rumors of the RTX 40 and RDNA 3 release dates for the end of 2022, there is not too long to go.

With a likely less than 6 months and an overstock of cards at the moment, it still isn’t really that enticing. You’d expect them to lower prices further especially if they expect an overstock of next-gen cards.

With Nvidia and many others asking for fewer chips for the end of the year. We’ve seen them supposedly push back release dates so hoping to sell the 30 series stock before the next cards.

Especially at its the most popular cards that are still asking for much more. But it should mean eventually you could get a good price for them maybe as the next series launches or just before.

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