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Looking for the edge on today’s Globle Game? Well you’ve come to the right place my fellow geographic explorer.

The Globle-Game is one of WePC’s favorite ways to procrastinate in the office, when we’re supposed to be writing about PC builds, gaming laptops, monitors, or peripherals.

Writing this page therefore gives us the opportunity to say we’re actually working, and that’s reason enough to write it, but we hope you can get a little something out of it as well.

Today’s Globle answer clues

If you want to keep your streak alive, here are some hot clues.

The Globle answer for today (July 21, 2022)

  • Clue: A great place for rolling dice and not paying taxes.
  • Starting letter: M

How to play Globe Game

The premise of the game is simple: you have to guess the mystery country in as few guesses as possible. After each guess, you get an indication of how far away your pick was, both in terms of a numerical distance in km and a color representation (the closer to red / deeper the shade of red, the closer you are). You need to spell the country name correctly, and the game will not correct your answer for you if it’s wrong.

how to play Globle game global game

Can I play previous Globle games?

If you’ve missed out on a previous Globle challenge there is a workaround to allow you to play previous day’s games.

All you have to do is head your settings/preferences menu within Windows, and change the date to match the day of the challenge you wish to have a go on. Once you’ve set this up, refresh the Globle page in your browser, and you be able to play the previous challenge!

Goble-Game top tips

The below are some expert tips on how to improve your Globle Game, from some seasoned veterans. Heed them well. It can be more fun to work out a lot of these tips yourself, rather than us just telling you them, however, if you’re routinely getting spanked by other people in your office and want to improve your game, soak up the following:

Some countries don’t count

  • Overseas territories don’t count: French Guyana for instance, is not a valid country choice, as it is considered part of France. It does not count in terms of distance though if you select France – e.g. if the mystery country is marked as <10km away from France, this would not include neighboring Guyana as a potential answer, only those next to mainland France. Overseas territories are always marked in white when the primary country is picked.
  • Constituent countries don’t count: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all constituent countries of the United Kingdom, but are not valid answers. Only the major sovereign state (in this case: the United Kingdom) counts as an answer.

Do Globle answer countries get repeated?

We’ve been playing the game for a couple of months now and have yet to see a country repeated, but inevitably at some point, given there are only 195 sovereign states in the world (depending on who you ask) they will have to be. We’re not sure if the answer system is completely randomized or if there’s some human meddling involved, but the longer we play we’ll have a better idea.

The best Globle Game starting country?

There’s no single country we can say that is the best starting country, as it really depends on what the answer ends up being each day.

What we can say is that it’s usually best to avoid larger countries that border many other countries for your starting pick, as these do not help you narrow down your answer much. Russia, for instance, is probably the worst starting country to pick, as the world’s largest country that straddles two continents.

Generally, it’s a good idea to pick a starting country towards the edge of either the Pacific or the Atlantic, rather than right in the middle of a continent, as if the next country turns out to be a close distance from your first pick, you’ve got a smaller number of countries to pick from as your second answer (unless there are a ton of island nations off the coast).

Know your distances

The true competitive Globle players have a good feel for how far certain countries/continents are away from each other on the map. If you’ve no visual reference for how far 5,000km is on the global map, you’re going to be wasting a lot of guesses. It’s a good idea to get

Other games like Globle

If you’re looking for your next fix after nailing Globle-Game for the day, take a look at some other daily challenges you can compete in. We’re sure you’re aware of Wordle, but have you heard of Heardle? Below are the full list of our daily guides for the -dle type games, with more to follow:

Last 3 Globle answers

  • Globle answer for July 20, 2022: Philipines
  • Globle answer for July 19, 2022: China
  • Globle answer for July 18, 2022: Lesotho

Final word

This has been our Globle-Game guide to today’s Globle answer, as well as all the best insider tips and tricks to dominate your office colleagues in this geographical bout of champions. If you’re looking for some more advanced gaming guides, check out our main gaming hub.

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