Gamedec Review – Is Nintendo Switch Version Good?

The version of Gamedec on a portable console is finally here. This is our Gamedec Review on Nintendo Switch.

Gamedec was developed by polish Anshar Studios.

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There are a lot of mysteries hidden within the world of Gamedec.

Choice can be your ally and your foe. Make sure to make the right decisions or there will be consequences.

Gamedec – What is it All About?

Gamedec Nintendo Switch Review 1
Image via Anshar Studios

Gamedec is an RPG in a Cyberpunk world. The game relies heavily on players’ choices, exploration, and detective work. You will also need to do a lot of talking and looking around for clues.

The game does not have a lot of action and is combat free for the most part.

The game takes place in the XXII century in Warsaw City. Virtual Reality became one of the key aspects of human life. It is also the reason why we need someone like Gamedec.

Gamedec is a private detective that investigates crimes committed within these Virtual Universes. The whole story of the game is non-linear, and your decisions actually matter in the outcome.

There are a lot of secrets to discover in the world of Gamedec. In some Virtual Realities, there are drugs being sold, and children being forced into labor, and it is your job to find out the truth and bring justice to the perpetrators.

In addition to all that, the choices we make also influence us as characters, and not only the world around us. Most of the choices are not simple and require some sort of sacrifice.

The game is presented in an isometric view, meaning we see the world from above. Gamedec is not a very long game and can be completed in a couple of hours, but the replayability here is huge.

Presentation of Gamedec

Gamedec Nintendo Switch Review 2
Image via Anshar Studios

Visuals and Graphics

When the game first came to PC it looked very good. It is an isometric title so there are some restrictions when it comes to graphics, but the overall textures were all high quality.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game looks good as well. Although there are some features that were toned down due to the hardware’s limitations.

Overall Gamedec looks good, and the variety in graphics due to different virtual worlds helps to keep things fresh.

Audio Design and Soundtrack

For us the audio design is fine. The effects sound okay, sometimes even great.

However, the soundtrack can be tedious at times. It is not memorable and could use some more variety.

The Heart of Gamedec

Gamedec’s strongest side is the detective aspect. Solving mysteries, talking to people, and engaging in various stories are on another level here.

Every virtual world not only looks different but also works on a different set of rules. You will need to learn more about the world, and the crime you need to solve.

Investigating, and interrogating suspects and witnesses makes you create your own theories about what happened. This is where Gamedec works beautifully.

After collecting your clues and data it is your job to deduct everything. In the end, you will need to choose who is responsible for what happened.

You might choose the correct perpetrator, or you might miss entirely. Consequences will be different, outcomes will be different, but no choice is ever wrong. The person you chose might not have been the murderer but the game goes on.

Character Creation

In Gamedec you can create your own detective. You will need to choose your sex, pronouns, origin, values, and name. There are a lot of presets to choose from.

Depending on the character you created you will rely on four attributes. They are divided into a lot of subsections but one is focused on physical power, the second on intelligence, the third on the strength of the body, and the fourth on technology.

Gamedec Nintendo Switch Version

Gamedec Image
Image via Anshar Studios

Overall the game is a fairly good port on Nintendo Switch. The game looks very good, especially on handheld mode. There are some visual imperfections when watching a huge TV.

There are some cut-down features. Shadows look weird at times, and their quality is not of the highest margin.

The game’s controls work fine on the controller, however, they can be inaccurate at times. Further improvements would help out a lot, especially in a game where choices matter.

You do not want to press on the wrong object or person at the wrong time.

A nice addition is that until July 31, 2022, you can purchase the game at a 40% discount on the official Nintendo Store.

Technical Aspects of Gamedec

Gamedec Nintendo Switch Review 4
Image via Anshar Studios

Gamedec is a fairly static game. The view from the above cannot be rotated, and the angle cannot be changed. The game plays similarly to Disco Elysium.

The top-down view works really well, especially with all the 3D environmental models and characters.

Most of the time you will be interacting with various objects and people around the virtual landscapes.

Gamedec on Nintendo Switch works really well. We did not experience any major technical issues. The game can stutter from time to time while loading new locations, but it happens rarely.

We have encountered some writing mistakes like missing words or weirdly constructed sentences. This might be due to translation if the game was originally created in polish language.

The game also has some good accessibility options. You can increase the font and interaction icons. We found it very helpful because there are some games where you just cannot see the text on the handheld mode. Here it is not an issue.

Our Gamedec on Nintendo Switch Summary

Gamedec Review Summary
Image via Anshar Studios

Gamedec is a great game that does a lot of things right. In our opinion, it works great in handheld mode, and a further console release on PlayStation and Xbox should be imminent.

The game runs very well on the Nintendo Switch. It looks great and the world presented is amazing.

This is not a title for everyone. It requires a lot of reading and rational thinking, and sometimes you just want to relax while playing a game and not conduct investigations.

However, if you are looking for mysteries to solve in an original and unique environment that is Warsaw City then wait no more.

Gamedec is shaping to be a great IP if the developers decide to continue with the title. We at WePC cannot wait to see what is next for the series.

Gamedec was released on July 1, 2022, on Nintendo Switch, and on September 16, 2021, on PC.

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