FIFA 23 – how to do a power shot

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FIFA 23 has a brand new shot – called the Power Shot.

It’s hard to master, but get it right and you can score some spectacular goals.

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“For me, when you actually score these goals it feels so rewarding because you earned it,” Kantcho Doskov, design director on FIFA gameplay, told media at a FIFA 23 presentation.

“You aimed well, you carved out this space. They feel fantastic.”

Here’s how to do the FIFA 23 Power Shot:

  • Step 1: Simply hold down L1 / R1 / LB / RB
  • Step 2: Press shoot.
  • Step 3: Aim where you want to shoot – so it’s all manually controlled.
  • Step 4: Either you score a worldie or you shank it into the crowds

The thing with power shots is that the animation is slightly longer, so you will have more time to aim.

As Doskov says: “…the animations are long, you have time. So when you press shoot, you power up, and you have a good second to aim exactly where you want to aim and then get the shot off. So it works really well.”

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30 2022 – and FIFA 23 pre orders have already kicked off.

Dubbed ‘the World’s game’, FIFA 23 will feature upgraded physics, graphics, and for the first time, women’s club football integration, including a playable women’s FIFA World Cup.

There have also ben some pretty significant changes to the game itself – with a new iteration of EA’s HyperMotion – called HyperMotion 2 – making an appearance.

The PS blog states: “Players now run, kick, and block with such true-to-life movements that it may even make you forget you’re playing a football videogame.”

There will be a total of 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100 stadiums, and 30+ leagues in FIFA 23 – so there will be plenty of stuff to do!

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