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Erling Haaland is one of the big movers this summer, swapping the yellow and black of Borussia Dortmund for the sky blue of Manchester City. 

This will no doubt have an influence on his stats, but especially his price in FIFA 23. Haaland only made 23 appearances last season during an injury-hit campaign, but his numbers were still remarkable, scoring 27 goals in 29 games in all competitions. 

With that being said Haaland will most likely see a small boost to his stats, something FIFA often does when a player moves to a bigger club. Haaland has also proven over a couple seasons now, that he is a consistent goal scorer with his game continuing to improve week in week out.

Erling Haaland – FIFA 23 – Ratings Predicted

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OVR rating 89 (+1)

A boost of one may not seem a lot, but in the top tier of players that’s a solid if not sensible boost. There is every chance EA will give him a bigger boost but it seems unlikely. 

His move will be the main factor as to what it changed, although after a year in a Pep Guardiola side his weaknesses like passing will most likely improve too. If he has a good season, he will become even more complete by the next game. 

Pace 91 (+2)

Haaland is incredibly quick, he relies on his movement a lot but his pace is genuinely explosive. A plus 2 may seem generous, but for a man of his size he really can shift. 

I think the main thing that will change here though will be a better spread of pace. On FIFA 22 Haalands acceleration was 12 ratings lower than his sprint speed. He can hit a top speed of 36 km/h in just over 6 seconds, so I don’t think there can be such a large discrepancy between the two going forward. 

Shooting 92 (+1) 

Haaland has sustained getting the ball in the back of the net at an incredible rate, but last season he also started taking more penalties for Borussia Dortmund. He didn’t miss a single one last season and so this should be boosted from FIFA 22 where it was only 76. 

It’s difficult to improve on his 94 finishing from FIFA 22. However, alongside his pace, one of his biggest attributes is his movement and how easily he gets away from his man. Therefore I think we could see Haaland’s positioning also reach over 90, pushing his overall shooting up by 1. 

Passing 67 (+2)

Haaland’s passing is certainly not one of his strongest attributes and FIFA recognises this. He really is the man you want getting on the end of things, yet his passing will still get a boost. 

He nearly matched his assists in the league from the previous season with much fewer games. It’s also a good example of FIFA improving players once they get a really big move, but there is no denying that he is improving as a player. 

Dribbling 81 (+1)

Similar to his passing, Haaland’s dribbling isn’t one of his strongest attributes. Yet it will still get an incremental boost. Mainly because of the aforementioned move but also because of the composure stat in particular.

On FIFA 22 Haaland’s composure was only 84 and will most likely get a boost now he has proven over a few seasons just how consistent he is. 

Defending (-)

It’s difficult to see a reason why Haaland’s defensive stats would go up. It isn’t his job, especially at Borussia Dortmund, this may change this season however now he is in a different system.

Haaland also isn’t the best forward in the air, with him preferring the ball to feet, he doesn’t score many headers at all. 

Physicality (+2)

Haaland is a physical monster and so it only makes sense for these stats to get a bit of a boost. He consistently shows how strong and aggressive he is, so these will definitely get a small boost.

If you can somehow keep up with him, he will probably beat you in a battle of strength anyway. 

Erling Haaland FIFA 23 Price

It’s never easy to predict how much a player will cost on a new FIFA, especially with how temperamental the market can be. 

Haaland is particularly difficult to predict because he is moving to a new league where the players are more of a premium. His value peaked at 107,000 coins on FIFA 22, but he would be much much more on FIFA 23.

He is moving to a stronger league with better links, he will also have a better card and it would make sense for him to also have a weak foot upgrade to 4 stars. He could be as high as 500,000 coins, but it’s really hard to tell. 

Haaland is 6’4’, incredibly quick, strong and amazing at finishing. He has also gotten a big move to one of the biggest clubs in Europe. He will truly be a force to be reckoned with in this year’s iteration of FIFA proving to be a nightmare for defenders. 

Now that he has much better links and will most likely be upgraded, Haaland is set to be one of the best strikers when the game releases later this year.

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