FIFA 23 Demo & Early Access release date prediction

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While FIFA 23 is yet to be announced, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill and several leaks from hitting our screens. The final FIFA game as we know it marks the end of a long and successful era, with EA moving over to what will be known as ‘EA Sports FC‘ from 2023 onwards. While this saddens us, the potential FIFA 23 release date is could only be a few months away and as we approach that date, player ratings, the FIFA cover star, and a whole manner of goodies will finally be revealed.

For those looking to pre-order FIFA 23 you will be eagerly waiting for Early Access, a pre-order bonus we have seen with many different EA titles. This benefit usually gives early backers, no matter what edition is purchased, a few days to play the game before the masses. The FIFA 23 demo release date could potentially be downloaded a week before the suspected launch date of September 30th, 2022.

*All predictions below are based on Tom Henderson’s recent report & previous FIFA titles*

FIFA 23 news

FIFA 23 Demo release date prediction

Nothing is confirmed yet, however, looking back at FIFA 22, there was no demo on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, or PC. You could only play an EA Play 10-hour trial or gain early access when pre-ordering the game. So if we were to predict a demo release date (even though it is unlikely to exist), we would say around a week before the rumored launch (30th of September) around the 23rd of September.

FIFA 23 Early Access prediction

Early access is a common benefit for anyone who pre-orders a wide range of different EA titles. Looking back at FIFA 22, there was an extra incentive to order the game by August 11th, giving early backers a chance to play FIFA four days early. the 10-hour EA Play trial was slightly different, giving those subscribed to the service limited access to test FIFA out before launch.

FIFA 23 release date prediction

The normal time of year we see a FIFA release is around the end of September/the start of October. FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday 1st, October 2021, so if EA plan on another Friday launch that could mean the FIFA 23 release date will be September 30th, 2022. Nothing announced just yet, however, if the game is 100% being released (which looks likely) then we are close to seeing a teaser trailer/ official announcement over the next month or so.

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