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FIFA 22 introduced the popular “create-a-club” game mode to last year’s career mode – and many are starting to question whether or not the same will apply to the new FIFA 23 game mode. We have all the latest updates and newest features for FIFA 23 career mode in the following article.

Despite FIFA 23 still not having a concrete release date, best rumours are starting to suggest that the game will become available around September 2022 – inline with last year’s title.

If leaks are to be believed, FIFA 23 will likely release announcements on its career mode, player ratings, and pre order bonuses in the coming weeks.

In this guide, we’ll be keeping you bang up to date with all the latest FIFA 23 career mode updates, leaks, and announcements.

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FIFA 23 career mode
(Image source: EA)

FIFA 23 Career mode release date (prediction)

At the time of writing this, there is no official release date for FIFA 23 or its FIFA 23 career mode. That being said, best rumours are starting to suggest that a September launch is likely.

If FIFA 22 is anything to go by, FIFA 23 career mode will launch around the same time (October 1st, 2021). The game launched on the first Friday of the month so we could see the new FIFA 23 launch on a Friday as well.

FIFA 23 Career mode – what’s new?

EA has yet to release any details regarding the career mode for the new FIFA 23 game. That said, reliable FIFA leaker ‘DonkTrading’ reckons that 16 new national teams will become available come the FIFA 23 launch.

All 16 of the national teams that are being claimed have all recently qualified for the FIFA 2022 World cup – starting on Monday the 21st of November.

It would be nice to see a complete international teams roster for the new game, however, it seems unlikely for this to happen – especially when you consider Juventus weren’t even in the last game.

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FIFA 23 Career mode: features

While nothing has been confirmed for the FIFA 23 career mode, we can assume that most of the main features from FIFA 22 will likely be available.

Here’s everything from last year’s game that should be in the FIFA 23 career mode:

Manager mode

FIFA 23 will likely feature a manager mode that sees players take control of an existing team and take them to the top of the league. Alternatively, users do have the option of creating their own team via the new create-a-club feature which was first introduced in the FIFA 22 game.

All the same features will likely be available here, including player transfers, training schedules, and match days.


Create-a-club was recently introduced as a new feature in the FIFA 22 career mode.

The new game mode would let you control all aspects of a football club, including its; identity, name, nickname, league, and the kits the players use.

It was immediately popular with fans of Football Manager, with many of the game traits crossing over.

FIFA 23 stadium customization
(Image source: EA)

Stadium customization

Alongside Creat-a-club, players also had the Stadium customization feature. As you’ve probably guessed, this allowed players to fully customize the stadium that your Create-a-club team uses.

Players could choose from a number of generic base model stadiums in their quest for ultimate stadium status, customizing all aspects of the ground – including ground color, seat color, net shape, and pitch patterns.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned circular pitch pattern.

Players will also be able to customize the stadium’s atmosphere – including custom goal songs, crowd chants, and walkout classics.

Player career

Player career was one of the more popular career modes on offer, allowing you to take a newly designed player of your choice from rags to riches.

Full customization of the player is available in this mode, with players choosing attributes & perks, physical ability, position, animations, and more.

Of course, you could also take over an existing player if that took your fancy as well, allowing you to guide them along on your own personal journey.

FIFA 23 Career mode trailer

At the time of writing this, there is no official FIFA 23 career mode trailer.

That being said, this is a great opportunity to look back on last year’s FIFA 22 career mode trailer.

Not only will this give gamers who have never played FIFA a taste of whats to come, it’ll also generate a bit more hype around what is already considered one of the game’s best modes.

What is the best team to start a career with on FIFA 23?

If you aren’t interested in creating your own club from scratch, you can simply choose an existing club and take them to the Champions League final.

But what is the best team to start a career mode with on FIFA 23?

Well, I suppose that all comes down to what you’re looking for in your career mode. For example, if you want to see Manchester United playing good football again, there’s the option of starting with them and trying to get them into the top 4 – a near-impossible task.

Alternatively, you can put the likes of Celtic and Rangers into England’s league 1 and see how far you can take them.

For me, I always like to choose a lower league team and build them up from the bottom. Port Vale is always a cracking place to start, get the crowd rocking, smash the local derbies, and before you know it, you’re giving City a 3-0 drumming at the Etihad and about to take Barcelona on for the Champions League trophy.

Is there a career mode in FIFA 23?

While nothing is confirmed at this early stage, the chances of FIFA 23 having a career mode is incredibly high.

FIFA 22 introduces some new career mode options to the table last year, with Create-a-club quickly becoming a fan favourite.

EA also introduced the option of creating a team, building a stadium, and taking a single player to the top of the game. Unless EA has a major turnaround, we expect the same to take place during the next installment in the FIFA franchise.

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