Feather Falling in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to enchantments, Feather Falling in Minecraft is among the best upgrades you can get. When exploring, fall damage can be extremely annoying, and having Feather Falling equipped means that you take reduced damage when you fall. Unfortunately, it does not make you immune to damage and you still need to be careful when leaping off heights. Here is a detailed look at Feather Falling in Minecraft and how you can make the most out of the enchantment.

How Does Feather Falling in Minecraft Work?

As we mentioned before, Feather Falling in Minecraft can reduce the damage you take when leaping off buildings. But you should not take the enchantment for granted as you will still take some fall damage unless you have all the necessary upgrades. Each level of Falling Feather reduces your fall damage by 12% and it stacks up to four times. You can get a maximum of 48% fall damage reduction and it is particularly useful if you plan on mining in high places on the map.

You also take reduced damage from ender pearl transportations if you have the enchantment. If you haven’t run into ender pearls already, they are items dropped by Endermen that you can use to teleport. Whenever you teleport with ender pearls, you will take 2.5 hearts worth of damage which can be reduced by using Feather Falling in Minecraft.

How to Find Feather Falling in Minecraft?

Feather Falling can be acquired from the Minecraft enchantment table, anvil, or by using a game command. It can be difficult to acquire the enchantment as it requires a large number of bookshelves around the enchantment table. The first enchantment level will give you a 12% damage reduction and it goes up by another 12% with upgrades, up to a maximum of 48%. Sky bases are still going to be dangerous and you can still die if you are not careful when using the enchantment.

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