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There are a lot of NPCs who you can meet and interact with throughout the course of Elden Ring, and a fair few of them have their own mini-questlines that you can follow to learn more about them and where their story is going. However, not all of those questlines are easy to find, or easy to continue once they’ve been started. For instance, in Elden Ring, the Millicent questline can take a fair bit of work to get through, which is exactly why we’ve provided you with this guide on how to do it.

Starting the Millicent Questline in Elden Ring

Millicent Questline Start

If you want to meet Millicent and start her questline, you’ll first need to reach Caelid, and not just any part of it, the town of Sellia located on the eastern edge of the Aonian Swamp. As you approach Sellia, you should see a shack on the right side of the path. Enter it and talk to Sage Gowrey who is waiting for you inside. He’ll ask you for help in healing someone afflicted with the Scarlet Rot, and that requires you to journey into the swamp itself. Accept his request, and then head back in Caelid.

From the Aeonia Swamp Shore site of grace, head into the swamp on Shadow. As you approach the center, you’ll be forced off your horse. When this happens, immediately head for some ground that’s not in the actual swamp itself, such as the giant mushrooms and other growths that dot the landscape. You’ll shortly be invaded by Millicent herself (for some reason), and she can be a tough opponent with the swamp both reducing your movement speed, and zapping you full of the Scarlet Rot as well. Your best bet is to draw her onto one of the larger masses that grows from the swamp.

Beating Millicent

Millicent Questline Fighting millicent

As an invader, she uses a lot of strong attacks, but she’s not impossible to beat and has a few things you can exploit. For one, she only has a single Flask to heal herself, and for another, she is also susceptible to Scarlet Rot buildup. If you’re a spellcaster, make sure you have Scarlet Rot afflicting spells on your side, and also a spell that’ll cure you, such as Flame, Cleanse Me. If you don’t have such things at your disposal, bring a lot of Preserving Boluses. It’s totally a viable strategy to just avoid her for ages until the Scarlet Rot affliction kills her, but this will take a huge amount of time.

If you’re using spells, something like Glintblade Phalanx or Greatblade Phalanx is great because it doesn’t set off her dodge trigger. If you already have something like the Sword of Night and Flame then you can probably take her out easily while she’s still running up to you. Either way, dispatch her as best you can, then go back to the Shore point of grace and rest for the real boss fight you have ahead.

Time to Fight Commander O’Neil

Millicent Questline Commander O Neil

Okay, so the first real challenge of the Millicent questline is to kill Commander O’Neil so you can get his Unalloyed Gold Needle. You can find him in the heart of the swamp, luckily in an area that doesn’t have Scarlet Rot juice on the floor, making a fight on-foot a viable strategy. The area you’re looking for is inside the giant mess of brambled on the eastern side of the swamp, right in the very middle directly parallel to Gowry’s Shack from earlier. Inside, you’ll find the boss just standing around, but as you approach he’ll start to summon some friends to fight on his side.

While this is an annoying fight, it’s also a field boss, so the fallback strategy of just running in and running out again will do you well. You should also have plenty of time to actually summon your own ash summon at the start of the fight since it takes him so long to summon his own people. You might also want to consider killing off his weak supporting mobs. They’ll eventually be resummoned but it takes him a while to do it, and while he’s summoning you can take a moment to heal or prepare a weapon skill. Unfortunately, O’Neil is not susceptible to Scarlet Rot, but bleed works, so try that out if you’re struggling. When he’s dead, take his needle back to Gowry who will reveal the town’s secret, and take the needle from you to fix it.

Lighting up the town of Sellia

Millicent Questline Tower

Gowry should have just revealed to you that you have to light up the town to break the seals, and there are indeed 3 different towers you’ll need to climb to light the torches inside. Head straight into the town and ignore everything you see, just watch out for the magic attacks from the invisible wizards that live here. Go straight through the town until you come to a staircase heading down on the northern side, and activate the Sellia Under-Stair site of grace. With this new spot acquired, head back into the town up the stairs and get on Shadow. Turn right at the top of the stairs, then immediately left again into the little alcove pictures above.

From here, you can use shadow to jump up onto the ledge, then from the ledge onto the roof. From here, simply climb up the nearby tree to get to the first tower. You might want to get off shadow for the clamber across the tree, but once you’ve lit the first torch, get straight back on again. The path to each of the other two torches should be pretty clear from the first tower. Look out to the northwest to see one tower, and straight to the west to see the other. You should easily be able to get to them by using Torrent’s double jump ability. Once all three are lit, head back to Gowry to receive the needle and the next step of your mission.

To the Church of Plague

Millicent QUestline Church of Plague

With the needle back in your possession, head into the town and down the main road, up the curved stairs at the end, and through the door to find another point of grace waiting for you. You might also want to grab the golden seeds behind you before you leave. From the Sellia Backstreets point of grace, follow the curving slope around as it snakes up the hill. As you approach one particular bend, a giant ball will be summoned ahead of you. They’re easy to dodge, or you can two-hand a Greathshield and just hold block as you run up the hill to avoid taking any damage (assuming you have more than a thimble of stamina to work with.)

Eventually, you’ll see a church ahead, guarded by those weird centipede dudes. Run straight past them and activate the site of grace inside to reset them. Now you can grab the Sacred Tear ahead, and then talk to the woman on the right. You’ve found Millicent, and now you can cure her of her disease by offering her the gold needle. A short black screen will prevent you from seeing what happens, but after you come back, rest at the point of grace to reset the characters once more. When you load back in, Millicent will be standing, and she thanks you for helping her. Exhaust her dialogue to receive a dex-boosting talisman, and then get ready to start chasing her around the map.

Chasing Millicent

Millicent Questline Chasing Millicent

Now it’s mostly a case of running around the map collecting things to move along the Millicent questline. Firstly, head back to Gowry’s Shack to find Millicent standing there. Exhaust her dialogue, then quit and reload the game. She’ll be gone and you can now buy sorceries from Gowry if you’re so inclined. Then, you’ll need to head for the Erdtree-Gazing Hill point of grace pictures above. From here, head directly North to find Millicent looking at the capital city ahead. Exhaust her dialogue again, then you’re going to need to do a little fetch-quest, and it is a doozy.

You need to find the shaded castle, a castle that lies at the end of the valley underneath the Bridge of Iniquity that connects the Altus Plateau and Mt Gelmir. Pick your way down the east side of the cliff, and then head north to see a castle surrounded by poison. Use Torrent to jump inside, and you’ll find that it’s forcefully de-spawned because this is a no-riding area. Head for the inner wall, and then follow it around to the West side of the castle. There are a lot of powerful enemies here, but you’re hunting for something specific so ignore them. Run past the Cleanrot Knight and into the room he’s guarding. Inside, you’ll find a chest containing the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis. Take it back to Millicent and give it to her, then exhaust her dialogue once more.

Fighting a Field Boss for the Millicent Questline

The next step is to head for the windmill village on the northern edge of the Altus Plateau. Climb through the village itself, ignoring the enemies who are busy dancing around. At the top of the hill, you’ll find the Godskin Apostle boss waiting for you. Take him out, then rest at the new point of grace he leaves behind. You should find Millicent a little way back down the hill slightly from where you fought the boss. Exhaust her dialogue once again and then get ready for either a long wait or a big slog through some of the game’s toughest locations.

The Millicent Questline next takes you to the Mountaintops of the Giants, a pretty tough area to get to. Once you’re there, you’ll need to head for the Snow Valley Ruins point of grace, which is just after the narrow bridge with the giant shooting at you. She’ll be stood right by the point of grace, so you won’t have to go searching for her. Exhaust her dialogue, and she’ll move onto the next stage. However, to find her, you’re going to need to go through one hell of a journey. You’ll need to get both halves of the Haligtree Medallion, which requires you to fight through Castle Sol and visit the Village of the Albinaurics. Once you have both, go to the bottom of the Grand Lift of Rold and use the second option to ride it to a new location.

Across the Consecrated Snowfield for the Millicent Questline

Millicent Questline Another Stop

Head north across the snowfield until you find the town of Ordina. Activate the point of grace, then head to the back of town and enter the Evergaol. Your goal here is to activate four different candles in town that will unlock the door at the back of the settlement. The easiest way to locate them is to find the obvious pedestals outside of the Evergaol before you go in. You’ll have some dangerous enemies to contend with once you’re inside, so watch your back. Once all four are lit, go through the door at the back of the town and activate the teleporter to find yourself at the Haligtree. Now you’ll need to clear most of this dungeon as well, until you’ve beaten the Loretta, Knight of Haligtree boss fight. Once she’s dead, ride the lift down into the next dungeon.

The first site of grace you come across should be the Prayer Room point of grace, and this is where you’ll also find Millicent once again. Exhaust her dialogue here, but you’ll have to take another step before she moves on. Fight through the dungeon until you find the Elphael Inner Wall point of grace. From here, head through the door, turn right, and then climb up the root and go through the broken wall to a new outside space. Your target is the giant worm mini-boss in the bloody pool on the other side of the crevice. So carefully make your way across the scarlet rot pools, take out the enemies that are hidden beneath the surface by locking on from a distance. About halfway you can find another point of grace that’ll make re-trying the boss fight a bit easier.

A Hard choice

Millicent Questline Tree Spirit Death

The Millicent questline has two possible endings. Once the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is dead, reload the game and you should see two different summoning signs near to where you fought the boss. One will summon you into the world of Millicent as she faces off against four invaders, while the other has you on the invasion side, hunting Millicent down. If you choose to attack Millicent, you’ll get Millicent’s Prosthesis as a reward, a talisman that boosts Dex by 5. If you aim to help her instead, then you’ll need to take on all four of her sisters with her giving you backup.

Once all the sisters are dead, you’ll be back in the real world, and can find Millicent sitting at the edge of the pool. Exhaust her dialogue and reload the area to talk to her one more time. She’ll give you the gold needle that you used to heal her at the start, ending her questline. You can use the needle later in the game to get a top-tier upgrade item and a consumable that is only useful if you change your mind about the ending you wanted. You can also return to Gowry’s Shack if you want to get some final details on the storyline.

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