Dyson Zone, the first air-purifying headphones

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Yes, you read that right, Dyson is going to release a set of headphones with a built-in air purification system. While it may look wild, it’s not entirely unexpected after Razer made headlines last year with their RGB facemask, the Zephyr. Their marketing material is insane, have a look below.

Dyson, known for its high-end vacuum cleaners has now joined the world of face mask-adjacent tech. The Dyson Zone seeks to create an area of clean air directly in front of the user’s mouth. This may seem silly, mostly because it is, however industrial areas such as mainland China have an ever-growing problem with air pollution, so there’s certainly a potential market out there.

Dyson Zone Specs

Of course, we’re a tech site, so we need to know how the Dyson Zone headphones work. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on inside. First up is the titular air-purification system, Dyson claim it’s a 2-stage system able to filter out fumes and other undesirable pollutants. This newly-purified air is channeled directly to the user’s mouth and nose via a contact-free visor. The visor attaches to the ear cups and floats in front of the face, preventing fatigue even with long sessions of use.

Dyson has also taken their first steps into the world of audio technology, with active noise-cancellation and high-fidelity sound. Now you can cancel out pollution and noise with just one product. Game-changing.

No release date has been specified yet, but you can sign up over at Dyson’s website to receive updates so you know when you can pre-order this ridiculous new technology.

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