Dyson reveals it’s secretly been working on household robots

When it comes to household names, Dyson is probably on the tip of your tongue. The brand is known across the globe for vacuums (but definitely not hoovers), fans, hairdryers, face-hugging headphones, and more. But Dyson’s been planning on getting into your home another way, with a department it’s kept secret: robots.

That’s right, Dyson is getting into robots. Not the stompy metal people you think of, nor ones on wheels, and definitely not ones that plan on taking over the world (unless dystopia involves lots of cleaning). Rather, Dyson is working on household robots to assist with everyday chores.

At the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Dyson has been showing off its robotics work. Previously kept under wraps, this is the first time the company has publicly debuted the tech. While the tech giant kept rather tight-lipped about the details, it did give us a glimpse at some early prototypes.

The company shared a look at three robot prototypes. One was placing dishes into a drying rack, another was picking up a (presumably dropped) teddy bear, and the third was vacuuming crumbs off a sofa (because… Dyson). That’s right – robots that can complete some of the worst household chores we all have to do.

As we mentioned, all of these robots are still prototypes. We’ve got absolutely no idea about when these robots could be making their way through the front door, but it’s likely to be quite a few years off still. It’s pretty exciting to see such tech for the future, and we quite like the idea of a robot doing the dishes.

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