Dune Spice Wars multiplayer has arrived

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Funcom and Shiro Games have reached their first major milestone on the roadmap. That’s right, the Dune Spice Wars multiplayer is now enabled, allowing players to get into games with their friends or against random players per the latest update!

For those looking to embark on the Dune Spice Wars multiplayer update, players will find the usual 4-player mode. Players will be able to play the game for free for all settings, alongside the 2v2 team mode in the game. If you need more players to fill the lobby, then you can add in AI bots to take the place of human players, alongside a variety of AI difficulties.

Moreso, Shiro has locked in the custom rule modifiers for multiplayer. The host of a game can set the rules and victory conditions of the game, allowing players to focus on specific win conditions if they so desire. Players can also modify the number of Sandworm appearances, alongside storm activity, Sietch activity the map size and other variables on the game. It is one way to nerf the Fremen in the game that’s for sure.

In addition to the multiplayer update, there are also balance changes for the faction developments. Each faction now has new and better synergized political resolutions, alongside additional events, new regions in-game and other improvements to the base game. So, there are plenty of more reasons to try all the factions in the game and see what has changed with the gameplay.

Lastly, Funcom is offering a 20% discount till June 23 to help players get their friends in the game to celebrate the Dune Spice Wars multiplayer launch. It should help to get some more friends in the game to help you keep the spice flowing and keep the emperor of mankind happy. You can check the game out on Steam for more information.

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