Dragon Age Absolution Release Date

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Perhaps the most unexpected surprise Dragon Age fans were anticipating. With Dragon Age Dreadwolf – the fourth installement in the massively popular fantasy RPG game – on the horizon, players might have been expecting more news about Dreadwolf, considering the sore lack of any kind of news or even information about the game. It certainly seems as though developers and writers want to keep Dreadwolf a secret to the fans, possibly being the final Dragon Age game after all. However, they still want to build hype around the game’s release, they want to satiate those hungry fans as well as possibly cast a line and draw new ones in. So what’s the best solution? Well it seems like the answer is the creation of a Dragon Age Netflix show! Announced on June 10th, fans of the game were left with many questions as well as cautious excitement.

Granted, some were frustrated with the lack of Dreadwolf news, however this show is likely to tide the wait. And even better? The Dragon Age Absolution release date is much sooner than you might be thinking it is.

Dragon Age Absolution Release Date

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Much to the delight of all fans, Dragon Age Absolution is set for a December 2022 release. It is a 6 episode animated series that’ll likely build hype and lore up for Dreadwolf as well as possibly act as a series reminder on all the events that have happened thus far. Something that’s a little easier said than done, as Dragon Age players will know that the outcome of the game can vary drastically from player to player, and that each installement of the game reacts accordingly to the player’s previous world outcomes. So it’s likley that this series is either going to be set before the events of Dragon Age Origins, or it’ll use the default world state that all other stories set outside of the main game uses (the comic books and novels).

So although the wait fore Dreadwolf continues, at the very least this should make that wait a little easier!

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