DJI launches three new handheld filming tools for creators

When you hear DJI, drones are probably the first come into mind. Or maybe people on stage with headphones on playing music. Either way, that’s not what DJI’s doing. In addition to drones, DJI has a range of other cameras and handheld filming tech. And the company is releasing three new tools tailored for creators. Joining the DJI RS line-up are the new RS 3 and RS 3 Pro gimbals, helping creators to get just the right shot while filming. And in an entirely new category, the tech giant is launching the DJI Transmission, a long-range wireless system for video.

Gimbal all the way: A look at DJI’s new gimbals

Headlining the RS 3 is a new automatic locking system that’ll release and unfold the gimbal when you’re ready to use it, and then tidily pop it away again when you’re done. You can do this while the camera is still mounted, saving you from the usual rigmarole. Notably, the RS 3 boasts a 20% improvement in stabilisation over last year’s model. While that might not sound like leaps and bounds, it’ll certainly be noticeable in content.

On the RS 3, you’ll also find Sleep Mode at the press of a button, position memory, a Bluetooth shutter button, a larger 1.8-inch OLED fold-away screen, app support, and 12 hours of battery life not including the quick change system. The system weighs around 1.3kg, and can hold up to 3kg of camera weight.

Turning to the Pro model, you’re looking at a heftier gimbal at 1.5kg, but one that’ll hold 4.5kg of camera goodness, for the serious snappers on the market. Headlining the RS 3 Pro is a LiDAR Range Finder feature that uses LiDAR sensors and an improved motor to improve autofocus and calibration. Many of the other features, such as the display, app support, and Bluetooth shutter button.

In a world where compatibility is usually a constraint, DJI’s camera compatibility is a sight to be marvelled. Both RS 3 gimbals are compatible with over 60 cameras from at least 7 different manufacturers. The Pro version supports a total of 79 cameras from 8 manufacturers.

Transmission possible: DJI’s new long-range video transmission system

In a brand-new product for DJI, the tech-maker ha announced a long-range video transmission system. Oh, so inventively dubbed the DJI Transmission, the system is a separate control and monitor or DJI cameras and drones. It lets you monitor and record video from afar, while also adding controls for gimbals, the camera, and more while in use. No more long poles to press the record button on your drone. That’s not quite how it works, but you’ll be able to do that now (minus the long pole)!

DJI Transmission has a range of up to 20,000 feet (around 6km), so you’ll be able to use it with a drone off in the distance, or on a professional production lot. It transmits video in 1080p/60fps with end-to-end ultra-low latency to the 7-inch monitor. The system supports 23 channels, making it suitable for large-scale use.

If you’re an avid filmmaker and looking to pick up some of DJI’s new gear, we’ve got good news. The RS 3 is available from DJI now for £469, and the RS 3 Pro is also available now, but for £749. The Transmission will be available from DJI’s store for £1979 in September. The Transmission is probably only a tool fit for pros, but the two new gimbals will be able to help creators at any stage level up their content.

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