DJI announces the RS 3, DJI RS 3 Pro and DJI Transmission: Digital Photography Review

DJI has announced three new tools for video makers using cinema and mirrorless cameras. The DJI RS 3 and RS 3 Pro stabilizers are the latest development in their Ronin gimbal series, while the Transmission is its very first wireless video monitoring system. All three products build on its Ronin 4D camera, introduced last year. A third-generation RS stabilization algorithm promises a 20% improvement in performance, making challenging shots and angles easier to pull off.

The RS 3

The RS 3, a successor to the RS 2, weighs in at 1.3 kg (2.8 pounds) and can hold an up to 3 kg (6.6 pound) payload. Notably, its redesigned axis-locking system allows users to get up and running right away. By powering on the device, the axis locks automatically release and unfold the gimbal.

By tapping the power button again, sleep mode will activate – making powering the device on, stowing it away and relocating it a quicker process. Quick-release plates enable fast mounting and a Bluetooth Shutter Button supports automatic connection without a camera control cable.

Compared to the RSC 2, the RS 3’s full-color, 1.8-inch OLED touchscreen is 80% larger. A physical gimbal mode switch gives filmmakers the ability to pan follow, pan and tilt follow with a physical switch. A newly-designed battery grip offers up to 12 hours of battery life. Batteries can be charged independently or even during use.

The RS 3 Pro

Arms were constructed on this upgrade from the RS 3 with professionals using the Sony FX6, Canon C70, and RED Komodo cameras in mind. Overall, it weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) and can hold a payload up to 4.5 kg (10 pounds). Like the RS 3, it also has automated axis locks, a Bluetooth Shutter Button, 1.8-inch OLED touchscreen and gimbal mode switch.

Because working with Manual lenses can be a challenge, the RS 3 Pro features the same advanced LiDAR focusing technology found on the Ronin 4D and builds upon the concept with the brand new DJI LiDAR Range Finder (RS). It can project 43,200 ranging points within a 14-meter indoor area.

A next-generation focus motor was developed to provide torque 3X stronger with one-step mounting. This enables auto-focus on manual lenses and eliminates any need for repetitive calibration. The LiDAR Range Finder boasts a DJI-developed chip identical to the one found in the Ronin 4D and a built-in 30mm camera – actively boosting the computing power of ActiveTrack by 60X and thus creating ActiveTrack Pro.

DJI has also made its SDK (Software Development Kit) available for third-party developers to create customized solutions for the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro.

DJI Transmission

Transmission is DJI’s first independent wireless video solution. A 7-inch, 1,500-nit High-Bright Remote Monitor also has an integrated receiver, so there is no need to attach video cables.

O3 Pro technology, found on DJI’s Mavic 3 series, transmits video at 1080p/60p and gives this new remote an up to 20,000-foot on-the-ground transmission range with end-to-end ultra-low latency. A DFS band has been added on top of its dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz settings for 23 channel options.

DJI Transmission can work on large and complex filming sets by simultaneously connecting with ten or more transmitters to send signals to ten devices. When used with the RS 3 Pro, it can work as both a gimbal and camera controller.

Pricing and availability

The RS 3 is available for purchase starting today. They have two purchase option available for stabilizers. On its own, the DJI RS 3 starts at $549 and includes a gimbal, BG21 grip, lens-fastening support, an extended grip/tripod, and quick release plates. The RS 3 Combo is $719 and additionally includes a briefcase handle, Focus Motor (2022), Focus Motor rod kit, a second multi-camera control cable and carrying case.

DJI’s Transmission will be available for purchase this September.

The RS 3 Pro is also available for purchase starting today. The standalone option on the Pro retails for $869 and includes a gimbal, BG30 grip, lens-fastening support, an extended metal grip/tripod, quick release plates, a multi-camera control cable and carrying case. The RS 3 Pro Combo is $1,099 and additionally includes an extended quick release plate, phone holder, Focus Motor (2022), Focus Gear Strip, Ronin Image Transmitter (previously DJI’s RavenEye Image Transmission System) and additional cables.

DJI’s Transmission will be available for purchase this September. The Transmission Combo will be $2,499 and includes a DJI Video Transmitter, High-Bright Remote Monitor, Remote Monitor Hood, Installation Toolkit, and various cables and adapters. Independently, the Video Transmitter is $1,699 and the High-Bright Remote Monitor is $1,099.

DJI Care Refresh, which can be purchased as either a 1-year or 2-year plan, is available for all three products. All specs and information can be found on DJI’s official RS 3, RS 3 Pro and Transmission hubs respectively.

DJI has also announced it’s joined the L-mount alliance and detailed updates to its Ronin 4D cinema system.

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