Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise Now Available On PC

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Well, here’s a surprise to spice up your Saturday night: cult classic mystery thriller. Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, is now available for PC via Steam. The open world survivor horror title was previously exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Today’s shadow drop is the first we’ve heard of a PC port. It’s available to buy and play right now.

In a Steam announcement confirming the surprise release, developer Toybox Inc. explains that the Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise PC port features several technical improvements. These include compatibility with higher resolutions, improved performance, and shorter load times.

the occasion, Toyboy has cooked up a suitably silly new trailer to mark the occasion. Check it out below.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise Overview

For Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise neophytes, here’s a brief overview courtesy of Toybox:

“Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is an open-world survival horror video game serving as both a sequel and prequel to the original Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. The story takes place in present-day Boston where it turns out FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan will have to revisit a case he thought was solved in 2005. Through unique storytelling, venture back in time to the American town Le Carré, Louisiana, and uncover the mysteries buried within this once peaceful town. Follow Agents Davis and Jones as they begin a new investigation into the Le Carré serial murders. Through the memories of a former FBI agent, go back in time to Le Carré and step into the role of Special Agent York to begin unraveling the mystery.”

So, we can now say that Deadly Premonition 2 is out now for Nintendo Switch and, now PC. For those tempted, the game is available with a welcome 30% off discount over on Steam.

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