DayZ 1.18 Explosive Update adds dynamic train wrecks

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Bohemia Interactive is back with yet another big update for DayZ, adding the 1.18 update for PC and console players. The new update adds more map dynamic events for players to encounter, along with plenty of new explosive weapons to scavenge and use in your battle with the living and the dead.

What to expect from the DayZ 1.18 Explosive Update

The new DayZ update features lots of explosive content to add to your arsenal. You may now get your hands on the M79 grenade launcher, which has three ammo types you can use with smoke grenades, explosive grenades and a new grenade type called the P-OX, which uses gas – nice war crimes.

In addition, there is a new addition, the plastic explosives. You can now play the saboteur with these charges, placing them on enemy structures, in areas of the map, or attaching them to vehicles and cause chaos when you set a timer or detonate them remotely. If you needed more deployable explosives, there’s also the new claymore, which will detonate when someone triggers its directional sensors.

If you’re wanting something more than just weapons, there is an all-new dynamic train event. The best way to describe it is similar to the crashed helicopter feature that will randomly spawn through the map. Players can head to the crashed train and pick up loot, but be careful, as other plays will be on the lookout and will want to take the loot from the train, and ours if possible.

However, there’s a twist, the trains will range from a variety of tiers. The lowest tier is civilian trains, which come with the usual lower tier and more civilian items. Meanwhile, the military is also a tier of the train, which is more likely to drop higher-tier weapons, armor, and other aspects of powerful equipment, such as the recently added grande launcher and the claymore or other fairly recent additions like the Le mas.

In addition, these crashed trains will feature appropriate levels of zombies. Civilian trains will feature hordes of regular chompers, while military trains can feature armored zombies that will take a few whacks before going down. You’ll want to be careful not to alert the train zombies, as other players will know you’re there and swoop in to take the loot while you’re preoccupied. 

For a full list of what to expect, Bohemia has provided us with the following:

  • M79 Grenade Launcher
    • 4 x smoke varients
    • 40mm Explosive
    • Contaminant Gas
  • Industrial C4
  • IED Remote explosive
  • Claymore
  • Contaminate Gas Grenades
  • Fireworks Launcher
  • Derringer Pistol
  • Sawed-off variants of Blaze and Revolver
  • Dynamic Train event
  • More Assets for Console community servers

You can also see the recently published teaser trailer, featuring a small glimpse of just some of these new additions in the DayZ 1.18 update.

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