Cult Of The Lamb Release Date, Pre-Orders & Platforms

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Cult Of The Lamb is the latest game to come out of Devolver Digital, and it’s quite the anticipated one.

With the fact that the game itself has been in development for quite a while, and the fact it’s meshing together various genres, questions have been raised about what the game exactly is.

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Not to worry, as we’re here to tell you exactly what Cult Of The Lamb is, how to play it and where you can play it.

Cult Of The Lamb Release Date

Cult Of The Lamb Basebuilding
Basebuilding In Cult Of The Lamb

Cult Of The Lamb is currently planned to release 11 August, and you can play a demo of the game on Steam right now.

The game was announced back in August of last year at GamesCom 2021, and has seen regular updates since then.

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The most recent of those updates confirmed the platforms that it’ll be releasing on (more on that later) and the release date itself.

Cult Of The Lamb Platforms

Cult Of The Lamb Trailer Art
Cult Of The Lamb Trailer Art

Luckily for fans of the roguelike genre and the base-management genre, Cult Of The Lamb is releasing across basically every single platform.

The game will be releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/ Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4.

It’s unclear currently however whether the game will get a physical release like several other Devolver Digital games like Demon Throttle, Trek To Yomi, Death’s Door, and several more.

It’s possible that companies such as Limited Run Games will look to cash in on the popularity of the game and partner with the company to make a limited edition physical version of the game.

Cult Of The Lamb Pre-Order Bonuses & DLC

Cult Of The Lamb Base System
Cult Of The Lamb In Action

Over on Steam, pre-orders for Cult Of The Lamb will net you a special exclusive bonus for the game.

Players who pre-purchase the game will get a skin for one of their followers that’s titled the ‘Cthulu Follower Skin’, and you can probably guess why it’s called that.

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Otherwise, there’s a DLC pack titled ‘Cult Of The Lamb: Cultist Pack’ that will net you a seven-piece decoration pack for your base, in addition to five exclusive Follower skins.

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