COD Mobile Season 7 (2022): everything you need to know

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With the dust hardly settling from COD Mobile season 6, eager fans of the game are already starting to seek out information on COD Mobile Season 7. Here’s everything we know on the latest COD Mobile Season 7 release date leaks, test builds, and announcements.

At present, COD Mobile Season 6 has been running for around a week, offering up some cool new weapons and the arrival of the newest ‘Favela’ map – set in the streets of Brazil.

While the current season is still set to run for around a month, fans of the game are already asking when the COD Mobile season 7 is due out for release.

The latest chapter in the COD Mobile saga shall be coined “Elite of the Elite” and will see global warfare erupt.

Call of duty mobile season 7 elite of the elite
(Image Source: Activision)

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COD Mobile Season 7 release date & time

Activision has recently announced that COD Mobile season 7 will be released on Wednesday, August 25th at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET/ Thursday, August 26th at 1 AM BST.

Like always, the patch may be available around a day before the Season 7 launch date – available through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What Was In COD Mobile Season 6?


COD Mobile Season 6 included new battle pass free trials that had weapons such as a new precision SMG, new camo’s, new weapon blueprints and the Sky Sentry Calling Card at Tier 50.

Then there’s the premium pass tiers. That came with the chance to earn all the content available in the To The Skies stream such as Wraith, Sophia, Ethan and more. There’s also once again the traditional weapon blueprints and other stuff that you can get.

Finally, there was a brand new multiplayer map. Favela was based on the Call Of Duty: Ghosts version of the map, and allowed players to take each other on in a new area.

What to expect from COD Mobile Season 7?

Like most of the season updates for COD Mobile, the latest season will likely come with a new map, new weapons, and potentially new game modes.

The new Elite of the Elite Season 7 release will feature many of the same arrivals, including the following:

COD Mobile Season 7 new weapons

COD Mobile season 7 new weapons
(Image Source: Activision)

Almost every COD Mobile season update has featured new weapons – meaning Season 7 will likely be the same.

As you can see from the image above – posted by Activision – it looks likely that several new guns will become available in the latest season.

One confirmed weapon is the Hades LMG that was previously seen in the Black Ops 4 title. It looks set to feature a bunch of attachments too, with Activision recommending users save up now for this high-powered weapon.

A new crossbow is also set to join the game’s inventory, allowing players to get a little more personal with their frags.

The last couple of season updates offered up some cool new items in the inventory, including a full-auto pistol, semi-auto rifle, and a cooling compressor attachment for the RPD.

Remember, not all the new weapons will be available upon season launch – some require the completion of achievements to obtain.

COD Mobile Season 7 new maps

Again, new maps have featured heavily in the COD Mobile Season updates. The latest is called Favela and will see players run the streets of Brazil in order to claim victory.

The new COD Mobile season 7 is set to feature two new maps for handheld devices and you may recognize them.

Scrapyard 2019 COD Mobiel
(Image source: Activision)

The first will be Scrapyard 2019, a classic Modern Warfare 2 map that was hugely popular amongst fans of the game. This map was actually available in COD Mobile 2020 – receiving new updates to freshen it up for the upcoming season.

Players will also be able to play Monastery as well – another rework of an existing map from back in September 2021.

How big is the COD Mobile Season 7 update?

There is no official information regarding the full size of the COD Mobile Season 7 update.

That said, if other seasons are anything to go by, we can expect the latest saga to run around 2GB.

For players worrying about unstable downloads, fear now, you can use the direct APK and OBB download links straight from the website to download and install the game.

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COD Mobile season 7

What was the COD Mobile Season 6 update?

The COD Mobile Season 6 update gave life to the latest ‘Favela’ map, set in the streets of Brazil, over several terrain levels and landscapes.

Alongside this, the COD Mobile Season 6 update also featured two new weapons, including the KSP 45 and L-Car 9.

The former is a submachine gun that features a three-bullet burst, great for continuous control over longer gun fights. This particular weapon was first seen in Black Ops Cold War, making a reappearance in the latest season of COD Mobile.

The L-Car 9 is a fully automatic pistol that becomes available after completing a slew of seasonal challenges.

The Season 6 update will also feature a new aircraft called the Jackal – equipped with high-powered missiles, flares, and automatic cannon.

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