Chairish’s Annual Designer Survey Finds 70% of Interior Designers Are Buying More Vintage Today Than a Year Ago

Chairish, the online destination for chic and unique home furnishings, announced the results of its annual Interior Designer Survey. With over 2,000 respondents, the survey results indicate a transformational shift in designer buying habits towards vintage home furnishings. 


Seventy percent of designers surveyed said they are buying more vintage products today than they were at the same time in 2021. The popularity of vintage exploded in the past year with 98% of designers using vintage furniture and art in their projects, according to the survey. Of particular note is the insatiable vintage habit among designers in the Southeastern U.S., with 80% of local designers reporting they are buying more vintage today than a year ago. This is an especially influential trend given the population growth that took place in the region over the past two years. 


Designers also revealed that 45% of a typical residential design project budget (which averages $270,000 in scope) now goes toward vintage furnishings and decor. 


Demand for vintage furniture is booming for practical reasons, including vintage’s immunity to current supply chain woes and inflationary pressure, its sustainability benefits, and the stylish appeal of unique pieces. Designers report that by using vintage they can deliver their clients a one-of-a-kind look that isn’t replicated elsewhere and do so on time and on budget. 


When asked why they shop vintage over newly made: 

  • 90% of designers look to vintage because vintage “makes a space more multidimensional and dynamic”
  • 60% of designers agreed vintage is “kinder to the planet” 
  • More than 50% of designers prefer vintage’s immediate availability and shorter lead times 


“I always start with vintage in my designs and build from there,” said Zoë Feldman, an interior designer based in Washington D.C. “Buying pieces from the past that can never be re-created and are unique is special, and coincidentally, sustainable.” 


In 2020, supply chain issues in the broader home segment slowed the manufacturing and delivery of new goods and delays are continuing into 2022. By virtue of being already manufactured, vintage goods have not suffered these delays. In addition, consumers today are faced with inflation reaching a four-decade high. While prices on newly made goods have risen significantly, vintage pricing has stayed consistent, providing a much needed refuge from inflationary pricing.



“Design lovers have come to appreciate the practical, environmental and style advantages of vintage furnishings,” said Anna Brockway, co-founder and president of Chairish. “Vintage has proven to be the stylish antidote to the supply chain snarl and rising inflation rates impacting the home furnishings industry right now.” 


Survey respondents ranked Chairish as the best source for home furnishings and art, earning the highest score of any resource in the last five years. Chairish is also accelerating faster in favorability among competitors including other marketplaces, design centers, industry events, and social media.



About Chairish

Founded in 2013, Chairish is the leading emporium where designers and tastemakers shop for exceptional home furnishings and art. Named the #1 “can’t live without decorating app” that “will change the way you shop for furniture online” by Architectural Digest, Chairish delights millions of shoppers with its expert curation of exclusive and diverse inventory, refreshing shopping experience and award-winning customer care. As a marketplace, Chairish is committed to building a more sustainable home industry that’s kinder to the planet and supports the circular economy through the buying and reselling of vintage and antique pieces. Entrepreneur lists Chairish as one of the “best entrepreneurial companies in America” and USA Today readers named Chairish the “best place to shop online for furniture and home decor.” Chairish has raised funding from investors such as Tritium Partners, Altos Ventures Ltd, Azure Capital and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. Chairish Inc. is the San Francisco-based parent company of and


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