Capture One is Now One Step Closer to the Product We Want

Today, a pretty big update is coming to Capture One. It starts with the fact that you can now finally import images from the iPad app into Capture One Pro on the computer. But then things like Sony wireless tethering have come too. While some folks may sit there and think that it’s simply Capture One catching up to Adobe, it’s so much more than that. Once you consider that Capture One works with the manufacturers on support of their products, you start to see how much better the camera world is about to get.

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The Biggest New Updates to Capture One

Here’s a list of the biggest updates you want to know about:

  • You can transfer images from the iPad app to Capture One on the desktop using Cloud Sync.
  • Sony wireless tethering. This is in addition to Canon’s wireless tethering, which we tested a while back.
  • Save to card and computer when shooting tethered
  • New support for Canon cameras and lenses. Sorry, the R7 and R10 support isn’t out yet.
  • Magic Eraser
  • Style pack functionality add-ons. It’s now much easier to work with them.
  • Crop Ratio saved per image.

We’re incredibly excited for this, finally. Of course, all this anticipation is building up to the release of Capture One for the iPad. We’ve been waiting for this for years, and I remember back in 2019, the marketing managers finally took my request with a degree of seriousness. 

For an Editor in Chief like me, it’s also incredibly exciting. Years ago, we stopped working with Adobe because we felt their products weren’t satisfying what photographers want and need. As time went on being a Creative Cloud subscriber, things just felt more parasitic. Then I was told by an Adobe Insider that a community like Behance probably didn’t have a future with Adobe, according to his claims. To us, Behance is one of the best things that they’e done for the photography community. What’s more, we felt that Capture One was actually trying to make better raw files and work with the photo community. And in our being critical, Adobe simply just stopped working with us and fostering the press relationship.

Adobe isn’t an evil company, but they’ve got a ton of money and could be doing a whole lot more for photographers and the community in general.

That’s just fine for us, as we’ve helped lots of photographers realize that Capture One is simply just a better product for editing photos. And it has majorly improved over the years over Lightroom and in some ways over Photoshop. It’s not perfectly 1:1 though, and I’ll fully admit that. C1 has better Raw file algorithms, but Lightroom has more tricks up its sleeve that simply work. It’s not just on Apple devices either. One day I went over to a friend’s place and he saw a major difference when using Capture One instead of Lightroom. 

The Phoblographer’s review staff is pretty heavily cemented into the Capture One workflow. And we’re pretty excited to be able to work with files on the iPad and then continue to edit on the desktop. As it is, I personally try to minimize my editing. But even I know that with certain camera manufacturers, you just have to edit the RAW files to get something usable.

You can read more about the new update at the link.

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