CAME-TV POWER-STATION Introduced – Dual V-Lock Battery Charger and Portable Generator

CAME-TV POWER-STATION Introduced – Dual V-Lock Battery Charger and Portable Generator

The new CAME-TV POWER-STATION is an interesting power solution that can serve both as a dual-channel charger for V-Lock batteries as well as a portable power generator for other devices. It offers several output options, including USB-C, USB-A, DC 12V 5.5mm, D-Tap, and 110/220V AC sockets. It is now available for purchase, starting at $398.

High-capacity V-Lock batteries can power cameras and lights for several hours. However, given the bulky design of bricks and chargers, it would be nice if these V-mount ecosystems could offer “something more”.

That was probably CAME-TV’s thought process while developing their new POWER-STATION. This multi-purpose battery charger can quickly and easily transform into a travel-friendly power generation for shooters on-the-go. Let’s take a closer look.

CAME-TV POWER-STATION: a multi-purpose power solution

The new CAME-TV POWER-STATION is essentially a dual-channel V-Lock battery charger that comes with a built-in Pure Sine Wave AC inverter. The latter turns the unit into an extremely portable power generator that can provide juice to other devices, such as laptops or additional batteries/chargers, for a maximum total load of 180W.

Image credit: CAME-TV

The CAME-TV POWER-STATION seems to offer a high degree of flexibility when shooting out in the field with limited access to electricity sources. Indeed, its comprehensive set of output ports make it compatible with a vast range of devices. Output connectors include:

  • 1x USB-C (5V, 2A)
  • 4x USB-A (5V, 2.1A)
  • 2x DC 12V 5.5mm barrel tips (3A)
  • 2x D-Tap (14.4V, 10A)
  • Two AC sockets (110 / 220V)
Image credit: CAME-TV

External devices can directly draw power from two connected V-Lock batteries. Furthermore, these are hot-swappable, so you don’t have to worry about your charging station going through run down times.

Smart design features

The design of the CAME-TV POWER-STATION is smart in many ways and comes with a few subtle, functional details. First off, the unit has a built-in LED flashlight that can light your way in dark environments. Another interesting one is a small, hidden tray at the bottom of the unit that can be used to store small screws or cables. Finally, a color LCD display allows user to clearly monitor the overall charging status.

Image credit: CAME-TV

Price and availability

The new CAME-TV Pure Sine Wave POWER-STATION with Dual Battery Charging is now available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website for $398. Moreover, the company offers a bundle that also includes two MINI 99Wh V-Lock bricks for $688.

What do you think of the new CAME-TV POWER-STATION? Don’t you think it’s a smart way to exploit a V-Lock battery charging system? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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