Bright Tangerine KASBAH System Now Shipping

Bright Tangerine KASBAH System Now Shipping

Bright Tangerine has released their new KASBAH Shoulder Support System. This new design promises all-day comfort for operators, plus a little extra safety for their cameras. They’ve moved beyond traditional foam padding into something very new and interesting. Let’s see what Bright Tangerine’s KASBAH system has to offer.

Bright Tangerine has built a reputation for building rugged camera support that might be a bit pricey but also high in quality. In creating the KASBAH system, they focused on comfort and usability for the person holding the camera.

A new type of shoulder pad

Rather than using foam padding, the Bright Tangerine KASBAH System utilizes Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), a 3D-printing process. DLS uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics & programmable liquid resins to form a unique matrix structure with an infinite number of density zones. 

Image credit: Bright Tangerine

Bright Tangerine used pressure mapping to tune each point of KASBAH’s resin padding system to provide cushioning and pressure relief precisely to where it is needed.

By utilizing this process, Bright Tangerine claims they have created a shoulder pad that ‘provides optimal cushioning and pressure relief in a single, seamless surface.’

The result should provide more comfort and an open structure that allows air to naturally flow through it, evaporating sweat to keep the operator cool. The shoulder pad wraps around the operator, molding to the shoulder for a universal fit. 

Image credit: Bright Tangerine

Additionally, the resin padding material contains a fingerprint-like pattern that provides a nice gripping surface for hands and clothing. According to Bright Tangerine, this keeps the camera secure on the shoulder and the grips firmly in the operator’s hands.

Bright Tangerine KASBAH mounting options

Image credit: Bright Tangerine

There are several ways to mount the KASBAH system to your rig. For operators who own Bright Tangerine’s LeftField 15mm baseplate, the included KASBAH mounting adaptor allows the pad to connect to the rear of the baseplate. A riser allows for seamless transitions from tripod to shoulder.

The shoulder pad is compatible with third-party manufacturers using an ARRI dovetail clamp. Position the baseplate along the length of the shoulder pad to adjust for optimal balance. 

Counterbalancing the rig

Image credit: Bright Tangerine

By attaching a rear 15mm bracket to the shoulder pad, users can extend their options for mounting accessories to counterbalance their rigs. This includes battery plates, wireless systems, or just dead weight to keep everything balanced front to back.

Price & availability

Image credit: Bright Tangerine

The Bright Tangerine KASBAH Shoulder Pad System is available in several configurations and packages. The pad itself costs $296.01. The ’System’ package includes the ARRI-Standard Dovetail Riser, and 15mm Rear Bracket for $494.01. The complete KASBAH rig with the shoulder pad, riser, 15mm bracket and studio handles is $1,276.11.

Image Credit: Bright Tangerine

There are a lot of options for shoulder mounting your camera, but nothing that compares to the design of the KASBAH system. If you’re a serious operator who regularly shoots shoulder-mounted, you should consider giving this system a look. Your body just might thank you for it.

For more information about the Bright Tangerine KASBAH System, visit Bright Tangerine’s site.

Do you like Bright Tangerine’s products? What other shoulder mounting systems have you used with your rig? Let us know in the comments below.

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