Best OLED Monitors In 2022: Latest arrivals and updates

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As monitor technology continues to advance, the idea of OLED gaming monitors becomes a little more realistic. Right now, however, OLED technology is only just starting to incorporate itself more readily into the consumer market – TVs mainly.

That being said, the arrival of OLED monitors is becoming much more common ground. Over the last 12 months, a slew of OLED panels has become available – most of which are tailored towards gamers.

OLED monitors offer a tonne of advantages over LED alternatives – however, thanks to the hefty price tags they come equipped with, not many have surfaced just yet.

Whilst this is the case, there are still a number of decent OLED-based panels available in today’s market. We’ll be covering the best in this guide, showcasing what they’re good at, where they fall short, and whether they’re worth your hard cash.

So, with plenty to get through, let’s waste no further time and dive straight into it!

Best OLED monitor video

Best OLED monitor: our top picks

Latest OLED monitor news

With OLED monitors becoming more imminent by the day, we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news right here.

How We Test & Choose

Despite OLED monitors being fairly sparse in today’s market, we’re still bang up to date with the latest news regarding the technology. With few monitors to choose from that actually support this exciting backlight technology, it wasn’t too hard picking the best of the bunch available today. However, as time goes by and more OLED displays become available, we’ll be running our own in-house tests to see which is truly best.

For this article, we’ve rounded up the best OLED monitors, researched them meticulously, and have concluded with the following list as our best.

Things To Consider When Purchasing An OLED Monitor

Like all hardware purchases, buying an OLED monitor comes with a whole host of secondary considerations. Unlike more generic monitors, OLED monitors offer unique factors that may (or may not) make them suitable for your PC setup.

For that reason, we’ll go over some of the main factors that you should be aware of before buying an OLED gaming monitor.

Here’s the most important:


If it wasn’t obvious, OLED monitors are much more expensive than LED alternatives. Even the most expensive 4K 144Hz gaming monitors don’t land a glove on the price of OLED alternatives. Part of that is due to the fact that OLED is still in its early stages. Once the technology becomes more widespread, chances are the costs will reduce exponentially.

OLED Burn-In

Unfortunately, all OLED monitors suffer from the risk of permanent burn-in. This is when your monitor displays a static image for too long, resulting in the degradation of pixels in the form of permanent retention. There is no fix for this drastic flaw, meaning if you aren’t careful, you could easily ruin your brand new – and extremely expensive – OLED monitor.

Response Time

As OLED doesn’t necessarily have a backlight – like LED – pixel response time is drastically improved. Whilst the best gaming monitors can only dream about 1ms response times over the entire spectrum of transitions – the same can’t be said for OLED. They can easily breach 0.5ms response times, with many offering almost instantaneous results.

For gamers, this means zero ghosting, crystal clear image quality, and great immersion across the board.

HDR Performance

For those that appreciate a great 4K HDR monitor, chances are OLED will revolutionize your gaming experience. OLED panels offer incredible HDR performance, mainly because they can turn off individual pixels completely. This results in inky blacks that really do looks sensational.


So, how does OLED compare to the ever-popular LED/LCD monitors that most of us are so used to? Well, we’ve touched on a few areas above, better picture quality, higher contrast ratios, quicker response times, and higher refresh rates which are all fantastic pluses for the OLED. However is there any downside to the organic counterpart? Below we’ve made a table to display everything you need to know about OLED and LED and how they compare.

LCD LED Monitor Technology


  • Pixel Light Source: self-emissive
  • Luminous efficiency: medium
  • Luminance: >500
  • Contrast: high
  • Power consumption: medium
  • Operating temp: -30 to 70
  • Flexibility: high
  • Lifetime: medium
  • Price: high


  • Pixel Light Source: backlight and color filter
  • Luminous efficiency: Low
  • Luminance: >3000
  • Contrast: medium
  • Power consumption: medium
  • Operating temp: -20 to 80
  • Flexibility: low
  • Lifetime: high
  • Price: low

Upcoming OLED monitors

Modern gaming monitors are evolving at an exponential rate, with 2022 playing host to a tonne of high-performance OLED monitors.

In this section, we’ll be looking at all the most anticipated OLED gaming monitors that are due for release this year. Once released, these monitors will make their way into the top recommendations – where we will perform full in-depth reviews of all.

Best OLED Monitor In 2022: in-depth review

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