ARRI TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2 Released – Highly Modular Camera Stabilizers

ARRI TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2 Released – Highly Modular Camera Stabilizers

ARRI has just introduced its latest generation of camera stabilizers: Please welcome TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2! Both systems are highly modular as they have most components in common, so you can easily switch between both systems or upgrade ARTEMIS 2 to TRINITY 2 if needed.

The ARTEMIS camera stabilizer has been around for 20 years, and the TRINITY has been around for 6, so according to ARRI, an update was due. But since we are talking about ARRI, version 2 of both stabilizers does not just come in the form of some polishing and minor upgrades.

image credit: ARRI

In fact, ARTEMIS and TRINITY have become an ecosystem of high-end camera stabilizers. The TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2 share most of their components. One can consider the TRINITY 2 as an electromechanical upgrade of the ARTEMIS 2.


Almost all parts of the original ARTEMIS system have been improved for version 2. ARRI has added 2 more post options so that the operator now has the choice between a standard post, a shorty post or an extra long post, depending on what the given shot requires.

image credit: ARRI

Also new is the completely redesigned power supply system that powers the entire rig. ARRI now offers modular battery plates for your choice of B-mount, V-mount or Gold-mount batteries. The new power module provides a constant 24/12V output, regardless of brand/model/type/combination of batteries.

The new battery sled can be customized in a variety of ways, including free battery placement, more monitor options thanks to an improved mount, and different 19mm rod options (carbon, aluminum, or steel).

The so-called Top Stage (TST-2) now uses ARRI’s SAM standard to attach different plates to it. SAM stands for Stabiliser Adapter Mount and is designed for easy interoperability between different cameras, tripod heads and stabilisation systems. The new Top Stage also offers 12G video I/O and a new socket for power delivery.

image credit: ARRI

All in all, not only was the whole system streamlined in almost every way, but the engineers had another idea in mind: upgrade the whole thing to a TRINITY 2 without having to buy everything new.


While ARTEMIS 2 is a purely mechanical camera stabilization system, TRINITY 2 adds electromechanical components, such as a motorized roll axis.

To turn an ARRI ARTEMIS 2 into a TRINITY 2, just add a few parts (Pendulum TPD-2, Master Grip TRINITY, Remote Control Panel RPC-3 and TRINITY 2 Head TRH-2) and off you go. The redesigned TRINITY Head 2 now supports 360º rolls as well as 12G video I/O, and the new LBUS-based Master Grip TRINITY gives operators precise control of the rig while keeping their hands on it.

Pricing and availability

These systems are certainly not made for indie filmmakers. Since ARRI is known for extremely well thought-out products and uncompromising design, both the new ARTEMIS 2 and the TRINITY 2 are more of an investment than an occasional purchase.

image credit: ARRI

Pricing has not yet been announced by ARRI, but in case you need a reference: The original ARRI TRINITY system sells for around $60,000.

Link: ARRI

What do you think? Did you ever work on a set where one of these systems have been deployed? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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