Apple headset with rOS allegedly ready for 2022 launch

Apple has been developing its own AR/VR headset for years now. However, the company has yet to announce its first consumer-ready device. The latest report hints that Apple’s mixed reality headset could arrive sooner than later, says Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.


  • Apple is said to announce its first AR/VR headset later this year.
  • Alleged headset will provide immersive augmented and virtual reality content.
  • Pricing for the first Apple mixed reality device is expected to be above $1000.

We could finally see the first Apple AR/VR headset to be announced this year along with the iPhone 14. While the market launch is said to be planned for 2023, a demonstration of the headset to Apple’s board of directors means that it is quite ready for consumer release. The source for this rumor is the reknown Apple leaker Mark Gurman. According to him, a separate Apple AR Glass could also be introduced in the coming years.

Pass-through vs see-through AR/VR headsets

Previous reports hint towards a bulky but premium looking mixed reality headset. In addition, Apple’s first headset could handle both pure virtual content, similar to Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, and augmented reality content by using pass-through technology. The latter is technically more challenging, but allows for a more advanced immersive experience for users.

For comparison: Google’s prototype smart glasses that were teased during the I/O 2022 event are entirely relying on see-through lenses. The same goes for Microsoft’s Hololens which is hence labeled as an AR headset. In contrast, Apple seems to bet heavily on the bigger segment of mixed reality or MR.

Lynx R1 mixed reality headset
Apple’s headset could resemble the Lynx R1 mixed reality headset. / © Lynx

Specs and pricing of Apple mixed reality headset

In terms of specifications, Apple’s headset may be powered by its own M1 chip and will run on a custom software called rOS or realityOS. It will also come with a high-resolution display plus an array of advanced sensors and cameras. The device is not expected to be a mainstream product since it is positioned for developers and early adopters with a premium price way above $1000.

Which company do you think will dominate the AR/VR market in the coming years? And what will make you buy one? Let us know in the comment section.

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