Apex Legends Mobile release date is here!

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The Apex Legends Mobile release date is finally upon us. Although the Apex Legends Mobile Beta has been out for some time now, this marks the full release of the mobile version of the game, and the first chance people will have to play the new mobile-exclusive Legend (at the time of writing anyway) Fade. You can read more about the abilities of Face and how the other playable characters in the game rank up against each other in our Apex Legends Mobile tier list Season 1. Also, be sure to check out our Apex Legends Mobile gun tier list.

When does Apex Legends Mobile come out?

Apex Legends Mobile is releasing on 16th May – 17th May 2022 depending on your timezone. See below for the release times of the game depending on which region you live in:

Region Date Time
West Coast US (PDT) May 16th 9PM
Central US (CDT) May 16th 11PM
East Coast US (EDT) May 17th 12AM
UK (BST) May 17th 5AM
Central Europe (CEST) May 17th 6AM
Japan (JST) May 17th 1PM
Australia (AEST) May 17th 2PM
New Zealand (NZST) May 17th 4PM

Apex Legends Mobile pre register bonus

Although Apex Legends Mobile is fast coming out, there may still be time for you to pre-register the game on the EA sign-up page

Pre Registering for Apex Legends mobile will earn you ‘in-game pre-registration rewards’ which isn’t very specific, but expect something in the way of skins and other cosmetics.

Final Word

We hope you’re as excited for the Apex Legends mobile release date as we are. Keep locked onto WePC for all the latest Apex Legends Mobile guides, and also check out our articles on the PC/console version if this tickles your fancy.

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