Apex Legends Fade: The mobile-exclusive legend is now available

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Apex Legends Mobile is now live, with players able to jump into the game for iOS and Android. The new season of the game came with a surprising new launch, with Fade, the new legends going live for Apex Legends. Here is what we can expect from Apex Legend Mobile’s Fade.

Apex Legends Fade surprise launch

The brand new Apex Legend character is Fade, who is an exclusive launch for Apex Legends mobile. Fade is a new character designed with trickery in mind. His tactical ability allows him to reset himself backwards a number of moments earlier during an encounter, allowing him to change positions and adjust his combat stats.

As for his ultimate ability, it is a phase ability. Fade throws a disc at the target location and puts enemies into their own phase. This prevents enemies caught in the area from taking damage and slows their movement speed. After a few seconds, they appear back on the map. You can use this to ambush targets and make them surprised or use it against the pushing team to try and buy you and your team some time.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 content

In addition, Apex Legends mobile goes live alongside a whole new battle pass and plenty of new modes. The Apex Legends Season 1 mobile includes a team deathmatch mode, played across Market, Artillery, Overflow, Thermal Station and Skull Town. There is also the Apex Legends Arena mode, which comes over from the PC version too. You can play the Arena mode on Thermal Station, Artillery, and Overflow.

Speaking to the press, Giovanni Ducati, Head of Mobile on the Apex Legends team said: We had to build Apex Legends Mobile from the ground up, to create a mobile experience that was not only as fast, intense, and innovative as the original Apex Legends, but was also a new and unique experience full of new mobile-first content that stands on its own.”

For those interested in seeing a quick rundown, EA released an Apex Legends mobile trailer, showcasing everything you can expect from the mobile version here. 

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