Android may have a new secret weapon to lure iPhone users

Google has reportedly been reportedly working on a ‘Switch to Android‘ app for iOS, and now we know a little more about how the company plans to lure users away from the iPhone.

A little digging from 9to5Google has discovered a potential new feature that could allow iPhone owners to transfer photos from iCloud directly to the rival Google Photos app.

If the feature comes to fruition, it would solve a major pain point for iPhone users averse to switching smartphone platforms because all of their photos are stored within the wider Apple ecosystem.

While the feature isn’t guaranteed to ship with the app, it is something Google is working on. A look within the APK uploaded to the Play Store shows a line of code that hints Google is serious about giving users an easy way to transfer that wealth of images over a Wi-Fi connection.

The code reads: “To copy photos & videos from iCloud to Google Photos, follow the instructions in the Switch to Android app, or learn more at”

Right now that URL directs users to the existing ways to transfer iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos, but the dedicated Switch to iCloud app could make this process a lot more seamless. The report says:

“It’s not clear at this point whether the Switch to Android app will be able to expedite this migration into Google Photos by working directly with your iCloud data, or if the traditional multi-day transfer will still be involved.”


It’s not clear when Google plans to launch the Switch to Android app, but it’s a longtime coming considering Apple has long offered an equivalent for Android users on the Google Play store, which makes setting up a new iPhone a relative doddle if you’re crossing the divide from a Google-based devices. Perhaps we’ll hear more at Google I/O later this spring.

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