Alleged Saints Row Reboot Footage Leaks

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So leaks are a dime a dozen these days. It’s not uncommon for a game to be almost entirely leaked before release. However, the upcoming Saints Row reboot has avoided this so far, or at least they had until a new YouTube channel sprung up claiming to have whole cutscenes from the game.

The new Saints Row game isn’t due for release until August of this year, yet as you can see above somebody claims to have footage of the cold open for the game, in addition to two other uploaded videos. The channel is, rather aptly, named Saints Row Content and currently has three videos: ‘Saints Row Reboot- Cold Open’, ‘Saints Row Reboot- Marshall’s Entrance’ and ‘Saints Row Reboot Exclusive Never Before Seen Footage’. All of these were uploaded in the last 24 hours and while we’re unsure of where the channel has got them from, it’s possible files were left in the recent Boss Factory release.

What Is Boss Factory?

Boss Factory header

Saints Row Boss Factory released earlier this month as part of Summer Game Fest, and allows you to create your own player character well in advance of the release of the actual game, then import said character to the full release. It’s not uncommon for games to leave files in demos and the like that you can’t access, as it makes it easier for the developers to quickly release them. The issue comes though when something like this happens due to dataminers and people who know where to look for said files. There’s no comment as of yet from the developers on the topic, but the video themselves are still up so it’s possible they’ve not even seen them yet.

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