Alaskan Truck Simulator is a new RPG take on the truck simulator genre

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Alaskan Turck Simulator is a new truck simulator game announced at the Future Games Show. The game is not the same as the other truck simulator games, with the trailer showing more of playing the life of a truck driver. 

The Alaskan Truck Simulator makes you play as a truck driver, with an emphasis on driving, along with doing your trucking and other trucker life. It seems you play a character where you have to go to truck stops to fuel up, manually connect your trailers and cargo, and even pick up food from grocery stores along the way.

There’s even some content with going to bed in a truck and going to bed in a house too. You can even cook food in an oven in a house. It screams that it is more RPG, making it very different from the Euro Truck and American Truck simulator games created by SCS Software. In fact, the motto of the game is to be the trucker, not the truck.

As it stands, it seems the game only has a few gameplay snippets. But, those who want to get their hands on it can via the demo now available on Steam. As for the release date, there is a soft release date set for Q4 2022. So, if you’re in the market for an RPG game as a life as a trucker, then you can wishlist and follow the game on steam to keep up to date. If you want to see the trailer for yourself, it is available over on the Future Games Show mega stream, or the small clip on the dev’s Twitter account,

There’s also a form to fill in if you want to help give feedback on what can make the game much better.   

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