Aladdin MOSAIC Flexible RGBWW LED Lights – First Look

We saw a lot of lighting-related new pieces of equipment during Cine Gear 2022, and we stopped by the Aladdin booth to discover their new MOSAIC flexible RGBWW LED lights. These flexible lights are available in three flavors: 2×4′ (350W), 4×4′ (600W), and 3×6′ (600W). So let’s take a closer look at these high-end LED light mats!

Aladdin is a Korean lighting manufacturer specializing in flexible LED lighting solutions. Therefore, we can say that many DPs worldwide consider the Bi-Flex and ALL-IN series to be an industry standard.

The company is now back with the Aladdin MOSAIC lineup, their first RGBWW flexible LED product.

Aladdin MOSAIC specifications

The Aladdin MOSAIC are RGBWW flexible lights available in three sizes to fit various situations: a 2 x 4′ version which is 350W, and 4 x 4′ / 3 x 6′ versions that are 600W.

All panels have a high CRI / TLCI color rendering of 95. In CCT mode, the MOSAIC can go from 2750 to 6290°K, with a wide beam angle of 140°.

Image credit: CineD

All three light kits come with a wired dimmer (1-100%) and a power adapter. The Aladdin MOSAIC can take an AC/DC 100-240V power input. However, if you want to power it with V-Lock/Gold-Mount batteries, you’ll need at least two 24V batteries and a power adapter, as it only takes a 48V input.

Image credit: CineD

Control and rigging options

The main advantage of flexible LED fixtures is that you can attach them with zip ties everywhere you want. In addition, the MOSAIC series has four eyelets on each side, so you can rig it easily.

Also, the kits come with a foldable metal frame if you want to turn the MOSAIC onto an LED panel. Furthermore, the kit comes with a diffuser and grid to help softens the light and control the light spill.

Regarding control, the Aladdin MOSAIC is DMX, LumenRadio, and Bluetooth compatible. Therefore, you can control it wirelessly via the Aladdin iOS/Android App on your mobile device.

Last but not least, Aladdin introduces fast-changeable LED compounds for the MOSAIC. This system allows replacing small LED parts on your panel without replacing the whole product. You can do it yourself with a provided tutorial or send it to a certified deal to get it fixed.

Image credit: CineD

Pricing and availability

The Aladdin MOSAIC is available now. The 2 x 4′ version retails for $5,464.29, the 4 x 4′ is $7,483.00, and the 3 x 6′ one is $7,701.43.

To be honest, compared to the recently announced 2 x 2′ Aputure Amaran F22c, which is $899, I think the MOSAIC will be more of a rental-only product than a product independent filmmakers or small production companies will purchase for themselves.

For more information, please visit Aladdin’s website here.

What do you think about the new MOSAIC flexible LED lights? Do you often use flexible LED light mats? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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